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Blank Thermostat Screen

Your blank thermostat screen could be resolved with a simple solution.  Below are several reasons why your thermostat may have suddenly decided to take a break and actions you can take to fix the issue.

Dead Batteries

If your thermostat screen is blank, chances are the batteries have died and the thermostat simply cannot power on. Not all thermostats use batteries; many are wired directly to the air handler through low voltage wiring. If you have a unit that uses battery power, you can replace the batteries without using extensive tools.

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ACTION STEP: First, remove the front plate from the wall plate.  Next, replace the batteries.  If you have a flat-head screwdriver on hand, this might help you remove the plate. Check your screen…is it working?   If not, move on to the next item.

Tripped AC Breaker

Your thermostat is connected to the air handling unit circuit board.  Occasionally, an electrical issue such as a power surge, can cause the breaker to trip, or turn itself off.  The circuit breaker trips when too much electricity flows through it or when a specific circuit cannot handle the current load. As a safety measure, the breaker “trips”, protecting you from potential fire or damage.

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ACTION STEP: Flip the switch back on and check your thermostat screen. Is it working?  If yes, you are good to go!  If not, and it continues to trip, do not continue resetting it. There could be loose connections or other wiring problems.  At this point, it is best to call a Sunset Air professional to evaluate the issue.

Tripped Float Safety Switch

If your drain pans becomes filled with water, it can activate the float switch, which will cut power to your AC system. As a result, your thermostat screen goes blank.

ACTION STEP: If you’ve tried resetting the circuit breaker and changing the batteries, check the drain pans. Are they filled to the rim or overflowing? If so, it’s likely there are other issues that need attention.  In addition, when you check the safety switch, take a look at the sensor.  Is it off?  If yes, it’s time to get your system inspected.

Thermostat Turned Off

As silly as it sounds, this can happen.  Perhaps someone in your household turned the thermostat OFF by mistake, in an effort to save money, or minimize the chill in the air.

Thermostat – Blank thermostat screen - Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

ACTION STEP: Turn your thermostat to the “ON” position.  Educate your family members on how best to control the AC system.

Defective Thermostat

While all thermostats are different, the average device has a life expectancy of about 10 years.  When shopping for a new one, be sure to choose one that meets your needs and is compatible with your system.  There are many options from which to choose.

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ACTION STEP: Check out programmable, Wi-Fi thermostats.  Thermostats today have an array of benefits including the ability to control your system from your phone when you’re away.  To find the appropriate one for your home, contact one of our technicians for expert advice;  239-693-9005

Typically, these common sense solutions will do the trick. However, sometimes it is best to give the professionals a call to avoid any misdiagnosis or unnecessary expense. Our AC Technicians have the tools and experience to quickly find and repair any problem. Give us a call and find out why we have been a trusted partner for so many homeowners in the SW Florida area for over 20 years.


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