“…blue booties…”

“…blue booties…”

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Sunset Air Fort Myers Angie's List - blue booties“…blue booties…”

I called their office in the morning as the unit had gone out the night before. We had never used Sunset Air and Home Services prior to this instance, but because we were not satisfied with our current provider we sought out a new one. The office was very pleasant and scheduled an appointment at the serviceman’s availability. Dave arrived later in the afternoon and immediately went to work and located a capacitor that had gone bad. He replaced the part and the unit started working properly. Dave was very cordial, professional and seemed knowledgeable in his field. He would not enter the house without putting on his blue booties even though I told him not to bother. He went out of his way to do his job in a manner that was efficient and effective, at the least possible cost for me. Kurt L. Fort Myers, FL

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