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Sunset Air Fort Myers Angie's List-conscientiousness“…this level of conscientiousness about work is rarely seen…”

Dear Jason, Recently, we purchased a new service agreement from your company and additionally placed an order to have the air conditioning ducts in our home cleaned. We also wanted to have the duct vent covers replaced because they had become tarnished after many years of use. Your Comfort Advisor attempted to put in the order for new vent covers through your company supplier only to find out that it could take weeks before these (unconventional, commercial type) vent covers would arrive. As a result we mutually decided to just keep and reinstall the old existing vent covers. At this point all we expected him to do was to reinstall the old covers as discussed. However, he had the old vent covers cleaned and painted before reinstalling them. We could not believe it!! They look great! Further, while reinstalling them, where there were obvious gaps between the ceiling and the vent cover edge he actually put in caulk to ensure and overall aesthetic appearance! Based on our past experience with other contractors, this level of conscientiousness about work is rarely seen this day and age. We are grateful that you sent us such a dedicated, skilled, affable, and caring young man to help us with this project. He is a valuable asset to your company and is certainly deserving of recognition. You and your company have gone well beyond what could have been reasonably expected for this project. Accordingly, based on this very positive experience, my wife and I will certainly recommend Sunset Air & Home Services to all for our friends and family. We look forward to having you meet our air conditioning needs in the future. Thank you so very much. Allen P., Cape Coral, FL

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