Finally A Qualified Technician

Finally A Qualified Technician

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Finally A Qualified Technician

judys book - finally a qualified technician1/9/2017 – Judy’s Book Review

I received a phone call 20 minutes before his arrival. Yes, he was on time for a yearly AC Maintenance check and cleaning. Grant introduced himself when he first arrived in a professional manner. Finally a qualified technician, and in a fairly new and clean nicely equipped company van. He asked all the pertinent questions. He noticed outside that there was a broken check valve. The landscaper more than likely broke off, which is essential that it is properly operable. He also found that the unit had the same issue and showed me that it too was inoperable.

Description of work:

This not being my first rodeo I let him do his thing as I watched on, he kept me abreast on all he was checking with his meters/ gauges and explained all which all was fine. He took extra steps also where the fan motor is it was pulling off insulation on the covering door and he supported it which most would not do. This is my second year with this outfit last year Dave came out and this year was Grant. This is a company that certainly should be on your list if you’re searching for one I understand there is a hands on owner and for its size which is somewhat substantial makes the difference my friends on who you want to work with.

Simple Billing System

Just like last year my bill was gone over thoroughly so I understood everything emailed to me right there on the spot with all the meter readings head pressure and things that go along with the maintenance and all that was told to me that it would cost was just that. Grants product knowledge is way above the curve and is certainly up on all the new technology it seems with him this is a little bit more than just a job to him it’s something that he takes pride in doing, that something which is missing from our workforce now a days well this guy has got it, it’s called integrity why is that so hard to find that were days I don’t know. If you’re in need of any A/C assistance You’all need to use them I can’t see how you would be sorry. Stay well.

Aristotle A., Fort Myers, FL

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