Flooded Air Conditioner - AC Installation

Flood Damaged Cooling Equipment

Flood damaged cooling equipment can be caused by storm surge after a hurricane. A house exposed to standing water can damage the water heater, and air-conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Condenser Under Water - Flood Damaged Cooling Equipment

Consequently, this damage could put your family at risk. Homeowners are advised to take important safety precautions with regard to their home’s cooling system.

Replace, Don’t Repair

According to the AHRI, flood damaged cooling equipment and systems should be replaced, not repaired. All AC inspection and AC replacement work should be performed by qualified heating and cooling contractor.

You can turn misfortune into opportunity by considering new, energy-efficient models that will lower your future energy bills. Also ask your local utility about available rebates for new energy-efficient gas or propane furnaces.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

Split air conditioning systems have power and control wiring between the indoor and outdoor units. Additionally, there is piping which moves refrigerant from inside to outside and back.

Even if the system is in contact with flood water for a long period, this sealed system is likely to remain intact. However, if flood water has re-positioned either the indoor or outdoor units, there is the potential for a breach. The heat pump (or air conditioning system) will then require major repair or full replacement.

If the refrigerant system remains intact, the entire system should still be cleaned, and disinfected. A qualified heating and cooling contractor should check all electrical and refrigeration connections. Furthermore, both indoor, outdoor, and all control circuits should be checked. The decision to repair or replace should be made by a qualified professional.

Damage To Safety Features

Even partial submersion of HVAC equipment can damage safety features. Consumers whose AC Units were subjected to flooding should immediately contact a professional AC Service Contractor.  A licensed AC Contractor must assess all heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment before resuming operation. Furthermore, Ruud recommends any HVAC equipment subjected to flooding be replaced to avoid any risk of injury.

In the short term, the equipment may run. However, over time the wiring harnesses and other components may have long-term issues. Finally, suffering degradation of safety functions, reliability, and performance.

Water-Damaged-Condenser - Fort Myers Florida

Immersion of the AC equipment by floodwaters can compromise its key operational components. The warranty will be voided in this scenario. Flood damaged air conditioning equipment should be handled as a homeowner’s insurance claim. This equipment should not be repaired as a warranty claim or serviced on a standard call. In conclusion, the AC equipment should simply be replaced.

PLEASE NOTE:  Warranty claims for equipment/parts that show evidence of water submersion will be not be eligible for reimbursement. Please do not hesitate to contact your local resource center with any questions.

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