General Terms and Conditions

1. Renewal

This agreement cancels and supersedes all prior effective on the date of invoice and will remain in force for one (1) year. Agreement is self-renewing and will renew annually at prevailing rates, terms and conditions, unless and until terminated by either party in writing, not more than 30 days from billing date.

2. Payment

Charges for agreement will be invoiced annually. If customer fails to pay within 10 days of billing date the Company has the right to terminate this agreement. Agreements not paid in full will be removed from customers account and any services performed during this period will be billed at Company’s prevailing rates. Upon breach of terms or default in payment, Company reserves the right to withhold service. Failure on the part of the customer to make payment when due shall relieve the seller of the entire obligation of providing service under this agreement.

3. Cancellation

Either party may cancel this agreement by providing 30 days written notice. Agreement is transferable to a new homeowner when service is established with the Company. After 30 days from invoice date there is no refund of this agreement.

4. Conditions Of Coverage

Upon initial visit by technician, system will be inspected for compliance with company criteria. Items determined necessary to bring up to this criteria will be the responsibility and expense of the customer and agreement will not be applicable until criteria are met. If, upon inspection, the equipment covered ceases to meet acceptable standards for continued coverage, all costs for parts and service rendered prior to the date of cancellation will be applied against the cost of the agreement. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the customer. The Company reserves the right to postpone services for unsafe or unsanitary conditions. In the event that the equipment under agreement is no longer economically repairable, we will provide customer with a quote to replace, until replacement takes place, no further service work will be performed, unless other arrangements are made by both parties. Customer is to keep equipment accessible and free from any obstructions that deter proper servicing of equipment. Area around equipment, including crawl space must be dry and free of debris. Attic unit must have adequate flooring to service unit, no exceptions will be made. Obligation to furnish replacement parts is subject to availability of parts from normal sources of supply. If parts are unavailable or obsolete contract coverage on these items is voided.

5. Exclusions

Agreement does not cover parts or labor when failure is a result of the following, which includes, but is not limited to; Unnecessary or nuisance calls will be charged and paid by the customer at prevailing rates. Examples of such are thermostats set too low or in the off position, emergency switches or disconnects turned off, clogged air filters, circuit breakers tripping and blown fuses due to power outages, etc. Company will not be held responsible for any changes, additions or deletions to existing equipment that may be dictated by local codes, government authorities, insurance companies, or any other third party unless authorized and paid for by the customer. This agreement does not cover loss or damage resulting from fire, water, windstorm, hail, lightning, earthquake, theft, riot, misuse or abuse, or any other circumstance beyond the Company’s control. This agreement does not cover high voltage electrical work, blown fuses, disconnects, circuit breakers, plumbing or piping, common drain lines, or other equipment beyond that listed herein. This also includes, but not limited to, nonworking parts of equipment, including diffusers, ductwork, blower housings, coils, unit cabinet, trim, pipes, supports, insulation, etc. Additional equipment used in conjunction with the operation of the system, such as humidifiers, air cleaners, electronic thermostats, etc. is not covered under this agreement. Design criteria, air balancing, improper sizing, cleaning of common drain lines, or design deficiencies beyond failure of equipment covered herein would be subject to an additional charge. Liability for injury or damage to persons or property or consequential damage resulting from defects in or non-operation of equipment or its accessories, nor resulting damage from emergency drain pans or clogged condensate drain lines. Variable speed replacement parts are not covered by this agreement, but will be discounted by 10% when replacement is necessary.

6. Default By Customer

Company reserves the right to terminate agreement without notice or refund if any of the following occur: Customer permits any person other than an employee or authorized representative of Company to perform service on customer’s equipment. Customer fails to keep account current in accordance with existing credit policy of Company. In such case, Company reserves the right to withhold service.

7. Preventive Maintenance (PM)

This service is provided under the agreement but in itself holds no monetary value. The Company shall make two (2) attempts by phone call ,email, text message or a combination thereof, to schedule maintenance. Each contact attempt will be recorded. After those attempts, It is the customer’s responsibility to contact our office to schedule maintenance. PM will be performed during normal working hours, Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm. Company is not responsible if PM is not performed due to the unavailability of customer to schedule work.

8. Service Hours

Normal service covered by this agreement including PMI, will be performed during our regular working hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Emergency service will be provided 24/7 and billed at Company’s prevailing rates. Emergency service constitutes no cooling or water leaking where property damage may occur. KEEP THIS AGREEMENT FOR YOUR RECORD

9. Common Drain Lines

Can be Define as: a centralized drain pipe in which other other pipes can be connected for the purpose of draining condensation out to one common location. This application in most cases can be found in condominiums and apartment buildings. This agreement does not include the cleaning of a common drain line. If it is necessary for this line to be cleaned, the prevailing charges will be added to the services. You should check with your homeowners association for who is responsible for cleaning these types of drain lines.

10. Premium Maintenance Agreement

Our Premium Maintenance Agreement includes all of the benefits our standard agreement, with these additional benefits:

  • $ 499.00 ( $ 189.00 for each additional system)
  • Replacement of up to (2) filters per system, [any additional filters is at homeowners expense]
  • One Annual AC Duct Sanitizing – Valued at $250.00
  • (2) Pool Heater Cleanings (when applicable- clean coil and check operation) Valued at $210.00
  • No Overtime Charges
  • Priority VIP Service
  • Discounts on AC Equipment and Products
  • Up to 10 year parts warranty included on all equipment and thermostats installed by Sunset Air and Home Services.
  • Some items may vary.

11. Elite Maintenance Agreement

Our Elite Maintenance Agreement includes all of the benefits our standard agreements includes with these additional services:

  • $699.00 ( $ 189.00 for each additional system)
  • Replacement of up to (2) filters per system, [any additional filters is at homeowners expense]
  • One annual Dryer Vent Cleaning [Removes dust and lint build up and prevents fire risk] Valued at $205.00
  • One annual AC Duct Sanitizing – Valued at $250.00
  • (2) Pool Heater Cleanings [when applicable -[Clean coil and check operation] Valued at $210.00
  • No overtime charges
  • Priority VIP service
  • Discounts on equipment and products
  • Up to 10 year parts warranty included on all equipment and thermostats installed by Sunset Air and Home Services.
  • Emergency spot coolers for temporary situations when your equipment is being scheduled to be replaced.
  • Some items may vary.