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Why Get a Second Opinion?

I called someone who looks professional, so why get a second opinion?
Imagine taking your car in for a tune-up and having a mechanic tell you that only a new engine can solve your problems. You’d probably be immediately skeptical; after all, a brand new engine is going to cost you a lot more than an oil change and the mechanic stands to make more money. If you’re wise at that point you’ll turn around and get your car looked at by someone else before you do anything.

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Always Good To Double Check

Maybe the mechanic isn’t lying, but it’s always good to double check. Unfortunately, unscrupulous characters are everywhere, trying to make an extra buck by selling their customers something they don’t need. From salesmen to mechanics and even air conditioning contractors, it’s good to be cautious. Seeking a second opinion is always the right idea whenever you’re facing a large repair bill.

Watch Out For High Pressure Sales Tactics

When it comes to air conditioning services, high pressure selling often works. When it’s super hot outside, all a person wants is their A/C back on. Secondly, when a nice-looking professional in a uniform says something, a lot of people take it as fact. But regardless of how much you’re made to sweat, it’s recommended that you remove yourself from the situation and take some time before making a major decision.

“Your mother probably always told you to be cautious of strangers, and she right,” say Jason Schreyer “If our customers want a second opinion about the work we do, I’m not offended. Seeking a second opinion about a major repair is a smart idea. Sadly, there are a lot of bad contractors out there who will do anything to make money.”

Protect Yourself

As a consumer, it’s your job to take all necessary steps to protect yourself. For starters, make sure you’re only doing business with a company who is licensed. Second, spend a little time researching different contractors ask your friends who they’ve used and search for reviews online. Not getting ripped off starts by making sure any organization you do business with is a reputable one.

When you call a different contractor to get a second opinion, give them the details of the first company’s diagnosis so they know exactly what to look for. When it comes to providing customers a second opinion, many contractors will offer their expertise free of charge. So, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get all of the facts before you open your wallet; a good company will support your decision to protect yourself.

Free Second Opinion

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If you have received an estimate that seems a little high? In need of Air Conditioning Repair, or AC Replacement? Give us a call! We will gladly provide you with a free second opinion that will provide you with piece of mind, and may even be a lot less!

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