Mini Split Air Conditioning

First of all, there are many different types of Mini Split Air Conditioning systems. Each provide energy efficient comfort for a specific application.

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These mini split air conditioner systems are offered in both heat pump, and cooling only applications.  They feature streamlined indoor units paired with quietly compact outdoor units.

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The versatile design blends discreetly with any home decor. Mini Split Air Conditioning systems are perfect for single room enhancements. Additionally, they also do well in spaces requiring added cooling only, and additions up to 1,460 square feet.

Ductless AC

Mini Split Air Conditioners also come in ductless versions. These Ductless AC systems are suited for both home and business use. Some of the most common uses are in multifamily housing, and home additions.

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Another common use is anywhere ducting will not work. Small apartments, or room additions, for example. Ductless AC Mini Splits are also great for whole house projects. In this way, they allow full control of temperature and usage in every room.


Daikin – Mini Split AC

Daikin is a global leader for indoor comfort. With millions of Mini Split AC systems installed, Daikin has been improving the comfort of its customers. Providing exceptional products and services for many generations.

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Learning how people inhabit their living spaces has aided in product design. These improved products help create indoor systems which use energy more effectively. Daikin brand Mini Split AC systems feature slim duct units with a stylish appearance. Once installed, these systems are concealed. They are slim in size, and ideal for additions and zoning control.

Daikin LV Series

The Daikin LV Series units provide efficient cooling and heating performance. Daikin’s LV Series Systems offer high-energy saving features and comfort control. Wall mounted indoor units are stylish in appearance, while the slim duct built-in units are very compact, and concealed.

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Variable speed compressors allow ductless systems to easily maintain ideal room conditions. Reducing energy consumption by up to 30% or more (compared to fixed-speed ducted systems) as a result. This technology allows the LV Series to provide even cooling and heating comfort.

Motion Sensor

The Daikin brand LV units are equipped with a motion sensor. This motion sensor allows the LV Series system to change to an energy saving mode. When movement is not detected for over 20 minutes, sleep mode is enabled. Normal operation resumes once movement is detected. This feature allows savings up to 20% in cooling and up to 30% in heating.

Easy To Program

The LV Series has the ability to program up to four settings per day. The weekly timer allows users to enter custom on/off times and temp settings. Provides energy savings, heating and cooling only when needed.
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Air quality features includes a standard, washable, mold resistant air filter. This filter comes with a safe, colorless, and odorless coating, which helps inhibit mold growth. Clean the reusable filter with a vacuum cleaner and cool water.

Individual Comfort and Control

Daikin remote controls provide individual temp control at the click of a button. The LV Series ductless split systems work with the Daikin brand ENVi smart thermostat. These thermostats are designed with energy savings performance in mind. Therefore, this thermostat offers the freedom to access the system from a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

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LG Life’s Good

LG delivers advanced climate control and operating efficiency to a wide range of home and light commercial projects. For stuffy bedrooms, these LG Mini Split Air Conditioning systems are the smart choice. Choose LG Ductless AC for ease of installation, energy savings, and quiet performance.

Customized Comfort For Less

Create a quiet, comfort controlled room, or simply heat or cool an area without expensive ductwork. LG’s duct-free systems set a new standard for savings, great looks, and comfort.

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Duct-free systems are much simpler to install because they only have three basic parts. The outdoor condensing unit, an indoor unit, and the components that connect the two. Most of all, duct-free systems are ideal for home or office additions. Duct-free systems replace unsightly window units. Also, duct-free systems are great for retro-fits, where it’s important to preserve the building’s original appearance.

The Benefits Of Ductless AC

  • Ease of installation
  • Incredibly quiet – Indoor units operate at just 26 dB (the level of softly rustling leaves!).
  • Custom temp control – It’s easy to precisely maintain the temp in each room.
  • Attractive design – Choose from a wide variety of stylish looks to enhance any interior decor.

LG’s Cutting-Edge Features:

  • Reduced energy costs. You can cut your cooling bill with LG’s energy-efficient design. Look for our Inverter AC systems featuring high-performance, and variable-speed compressors
  • Cleaner, healthier air. Plasma air purifying design ensures cleaner, fresher air.
  • Better air flow. Computer controlled louvers and fan speeds minimize hot spots in the room.
  • High-speed cooling. Powerful Jet Cool feature quickly cools warm rooms down to a comfortable temperature.
  • Built to last, the exclusive GoldFin™ Anti-Corrosion coating helps keep your system running like new for years.

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