Single Stage AC Systems

Single Stage AC Systems were the first type of AC systems available. Chances are, if your air conditioning system is more than ten years old, you have a Single Stage AC System.Unfortunately, Single Stage Air Conditioners are the least efficient type.

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This is because when they are running, they are running at 100% capacity. The moment a compressor starts is when it draws the most power. Since these units often use more capacity than is needed, they tend to turn on and off more frequently. The result is higher energy consumption, greater equipment wear, and higher indoor temp swings.

Single Stage Air Handler Unit

On the plus side, the simpler design of the Single Stage AC System means less up-front cost for the consumer. Furthermore, with fewer components to break, there are less opportunities for something to go wrong.
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Comfortmaker Single Stage AC Systems

Comfortmaker Single Stage AC Systems are designed to be the best in durability and comfort. Properly matched outdoor and indoor units provide the optimal combination of efficiency, and affordability.
NXA4 - Comfortmaker Single Stage AC Systems
All of our air conditioners include comfort-enhancing and durable features to deliver lasting performance. For the maximum combination of comfort, efficiency and convenience, ask about our Observer® communicating system models with Wi-Fi® capability.

What Sets Comfortmaker Air Conditioners Apart?

  1. Durable galvanized steel construction with baked-on paint finish weathers seasonal extremes.
  2. Post-painted fin stock and coated wire grille guard against corrosion. The grille spacing protects the coil but allows for easy cleaning.
  3. Scroll compressor operates with proven efficiency and reliability.
  4. Control panel allows for easier, quicker service access.
  5. Compressor is housed in an extra-thick shell for added protection and durability.
  6. Top-discharge design improves airflow and minimizes noise.
  7. Durable copper tubing, aluminum fin coil, and fins that are post-painted for protection help maintain efficiency.
  8. Integrated solid state controls make the change from heating to cooling go smoothly. (Heat pump only)

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Daikin Single Stage DX14SN System

When properly matched, Daikin DX14SN Air Conditioners can rate up to 15 SEER of energy-efficient performance. This unit features a powderpaint finish over heavy-gauge galvanized steel that provides premium durability and excellent UV protection.
Daikin DX14SN - Single Stage AC Systems
Daikin air handlers provide an efficient solution for homes that need a quality solution for air delivery. The evaporator coils in the air handlers are all aluminum, built with thick-walled tubing for durability and cooling performance.
Daikin DX14SN Compressor - Single Stage AC Systems
Daikin brand coils are also compatible with chlorine free R-410A refrigerant.

Comfort-Enhancing Features

  1. Energy-efficient scroll compressor
  2. 5 millimeter refrigeration-grade premium copper tubing
  3. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure
  4. Factory-installed inline filter dryer
  5. Single-speed high-efficiency fan motor

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Trane XR14 Single Stage AC System

The Trane XR14 single stage AC System offers all the quality that Trane is famous for, but at a fraction of the price. This single stage AC System is very simple in form which helps make it one of the most affordable options in the Trane line.

Cookie Monster - Trane XR14 - Single Stage AC Systems

A SEER of up to 14.5 and an HSPF of up to 8.5 make the XR14 an energy-efficient choice. The Climatuff® compressor and Spine Fin™ coil make it incredibly durable, and a smart choice all year long.

Trane XR14 - Single Stage AC Systems

When it comes to cooling and heating homes, people view Trane equipment as the most reliable and longest lasting in the industry. People expect more from a leader, and Trane delivers.

Trane XR14 Features And Components

  1. Climatuff® Compressor – Quiet, efficient, and known throughout the industry for reliability
  2. Spine Fin™ Coil – Made of aluminum for maximum life
  3. DuraTuff™ Basepan – Will not rust, corrode, warp or crack
  4. Corrosion-Resistant Fasteners – Zinc coated fasteners resist crrosion
  5. Baked-On Powder Paint – The finish is virtually flawless
  6. Full-Sided Louvered Panels – Protects from outdoor hazzards and debris like leaves, tree branches, and hail
  7. Electronic Demand Control – Minimizes defrost cycles and electricity usage
  8. Integrated Fan System – Unique blade-down design improves airflow, and reduces sound levels

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