Variable Speed Air Conditioning Systems

We offer variable speed air conditioning systems by Trane, Daikin, and Lennox. This allows Sunset Air and Home Services the opportunity to offer superior solutions to our customers. Single and two-stage air conditioning systems are effective, but only to a certain point. Variable speed air conditioning systems truly present our customers with more energy-saving potential and significantly improved home comfort.

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Trane TruComfort

Trane TruComfort™ Variable Speed systems maintain a consistent temperature with maximum efficiency by automatically making minor, continuous adjustments in output all day long, all night long.

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The result is efficient, affordable and reliable comfort, like you have never seen before. Put your comfort on cruise control.

Variable Speed. We started it, then perfected it.

Trane XV20i - Condensor Unit - Bullet PointsVariable speed is not new technology for Trane. It’s technology perfected. Trane was the first in the industry to apply variable speed technology to residential air conditioning. Now Trane brings variable speed technology to the next level. Systems that intuitively adjust to changing heating and cooling needs. Working only as hard as they have to and often at lower, more efficient and quieter speeds.

  1. ComfortLink™ II Communicating Control Board and Unique Refrigerant Cooled Inverter Drive Powers the compressor and controls communication between components to optimize your comfort and efficiency.
  2. Climatuff® Variable Speed Compressor The heart of Trane TruComfort™ technology automatically adjusts itself while maintaining constant and consistent speeds that avoid temperature swings in the home. Trane tested, tried and true.
  3. Compressor Sound Insulator Reduces operating sound for a quieter home environment.
  4. All-Aluminum Spine Fin™ Coil Designed to enhance airflow and heat transfer while resisting corrosion and leaks, far better than traditional copper and aluminum coils.
  5. WeatherGuard™ II Top Attractive, durable polycarbonate for lasting protection and unique quality design.
  6. DuraTuff™ Rustproof Basepan Won’t crack, corrode, rust or warp.
  7. Integrated Fan System Unique blade-down design improves airflow, enhances performance and reduces sound levels.
  8. Simplified Two-Wire Connection Allows for easier installation while reducing the need for structural modifications.
  9. Full-Sided Louvered Panels Galvanized steel panels protect internal components while preserving airflow efficiency.
  10. Powder-Paint Finish Virtually indestructible for maximum protection against corrosion and rust, and years of reliable protection.
  11. WeatherGuard™ Fasteners Zinc-coated for corrosion resistance and longer life.

Communication is key

Trane XV20i - Circle of Communication - Sunset Air and Home ServicesBecause Trane’s Communicating systems match up perfectly, you get even more comfort for your family. Hyperion TAM7 and TAM8 For the ultimate in efficiency and comfort, the Hyperion TAM7 and TAM8 variable-speed blower motor fine tunes airflow, while its Comfort-R™ technology controls humidity. TAM8 models feature communicating technology to optimize the performance and energy efficiency of a matched system.

When you choose a Trane Communicating Variable Speed system, you get a family of communicating components that are designed to work seamlessly with each other. The result is not only your ideal home environment, but also the most reliable, clean and comfortable home possible.

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The real benefits of variable speed happen when your outdoor air conditioner or heat pump and your indoor furnace or air handler both use Trane TruComfort™ technology. Ask your dealer for the right match for your home and comfort expectations.


Trane CleanEffects™ is the most effective whole-house air filtration system available, removing up to 99.98% of allergens from filtered air. The more consistent and constant airflow of a Trane TruComfort™ Variable Speed system maximizes the advantage of Trane CleanEffects™ technology for the ultimate whole-house air cleaning solution.


A powerful indoor comfort system requires a powerful user control. The Trane ComfortLink™ II XL950 is a home energy management tool that you can control from wherever you go via your smart phone or mobile device. It can even do the little
things like remind you and/or your dealer to change or clean the filter.

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Daikin – Smart Systems

Daikin’s variable speed Inverter compressor technology is currently providing energy efficient indoor comfort with over 30 million units installed worldwide. This proven technology automatically adjusts the performance of the cooling system’s compressor to match the demand needed to achieve the temperature you Daikin - DX20VC - Happy Family Photohave selected on the thermostat. It is like having cruise control for your home’s indoor comfort. Precise adjustments are being made automatically with the goal of providing the most consistent comfort at the lowest possible level of energy consumption. Compare this to a single speed compressor and immediately you’ll see the benefits of the Inverter technology compressor. Daikin designs, engineers, and manufactures its own variable speed Inverter compressors. Rest assured that you are getting a proven design – you are getting Daikin Inside.

Efficient and dependable compressors for worry-free comfort The compressor is considered the heart of any air conditioning system. It creates the cooling power, and works together with our energy-efficient 5 millimeter condensing coil design. Daikin air conditioners will provide years of reliable cooling comfort, even in the hottest weather. This Daikin air conditioner utilizes a scroll compressor that has fewer moving parts. This results in lower energy use compared to units with reciprocating compressors. A factory-installed filter drier protects the compressor from moisture or dirt that could enter the system during service or installation. You also have the satisfaction of knowing your Daikin system uses R-410A refrigerant. You can count on a Daikin brand air conditioner to deliver premium Comfort for Life to your family for years and years.

DX20VC_energrystarDaikin Inside

  1. Daikin Inside variable-speed compressor – provides up to 24.5 SEER cooling performance for lower energy bills compared to lower SEER, single-stage compressors
  2. Refrigeration-grade premium copper tubing and aluminum fin condenser coil configuration deliver outstanding heat transfer properties with R-410A refrigerant
  3. Heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure with sound-control top – baked enamel finish protects your system from the elements
  4. High-efficiency ECM fan motor with advanced fan design moves air quickly and quietly
  5. High-density compressor sound blanket – acoustically engineered sound isolation reduces noise levels (compared to units without a sound blanket) for years of quiet comfort
  6. ComfortNet™ Compatible – improve your home comfort convenience with more control options and communicating thermostats with touchscreen interface
  7. Daikin Inside Intelligence – sophisticated diagnostics constantly monitor your AC system pinpointing trouble spots for a fast fix
  8. Commercial grade quality with factory-installed refrigerant management components – provides high reliability compared to units without these components

Efficient and dependable air handlers and modular blowers for worry-free comfort. Daikin air handlers and modular blowers for home comfort systems provide an efficient solution for homes that need a quality solution for air delivery. The evaporator coils in the air handlers are all aluminum, built with thick-walled tubing for durability and cooling performance. Daikin brand coils are compatible with chlorinefree R-410A refrigerant. Energy-saving, variable-speed and multi-speed Electrically Commutated Motors (ECMs) are available (in select models) for sequencing with new or existing systems. You can count on a Daikin brand air handlers or modular blowers to deliver Comfort for Life to your family for years and years.

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Daikin Air Handlers

  • All-Aluminum Coil – with special grooved tubing provides efficient cooling and durability for long-lasting comfort (DVPVC and DVPTC models).
  • Factory-Mounted Thermostatic Expansion Valve (TXV) – simplifies installation and precisely controls refrigerant flow for efficient cooling (DVPVC and DVPTC models).
  • Variable Speed Electrically Commutated Motors (ECM) – provide gradual startup and shutdown for unobtrusive operation with lower energy consumption (compared to standard efficiency motors). Constant low-speed operation for outstanding filtration and comfort levels (DVPVC, DVPTC and MBVC models).
  • ComfortNet™ Control Compatibility – allows the use of convenient, specially designed LCD thermostats, with option for wireless system access, providing setting changes and system monitoring via an internet connection (DVPVC, DVPTC and MBVC models).

Efficient and dependable air handlers and modular blowers for worry-free comfort. Daikin air handlers and modular blowers for home comfort systems provide an efficient solution for homes that need a quality solution for air delivery. The evaporator coils in the air handlers are all aluminum, built with thick-walled tubing for durability and cooling performance. Daikin brand coils are compatible with chlorinefree R-410A refrigerant. Energy-saving, variable-speed and multi-speed Electrically Commutated Motors (ECMs) are available (in select models) for sequencing with new or existing systems. You can count on a Daikin brand air handlers or modular blowers to deliver Comfort for Life to your family for years and years.

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Lennox Precise Comfort

Lennox - XC25 - Happy Family PhotoEvery so often, a product comes along that causes an entire industry to change its thinking. An air conditioner that redefines comfort and efficiency. In the world of air conditioning, the XC25 has done just that. Thanks to revolutionary Pricise Comfort technology, the XC25 maintains a consistent temperature by making tiny, ongoing adjustments to its output throughout the day.

Exacting precision is also what makes the XC25 the most efficient air conditioner. It has an industry-high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of up to 26.00. For savings year-round, the XC25 can be combined with SunSource solar modules. These allow you to use energy from the sun to reduce your cooling and heating bills by up to half. On top of all this, it offers the lowest operating noise levels of any air conditioner available. It’s simply the most advanced, most capable air conditioner ever created.

Variable-capacity cooling

The key to the XC25’s precision lies in the variable capacity of the inverter-driven compressor. Because the XC25 is installed with the iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat, the compressor can adjust output to any level between 35% and 100% in increments of 1%. The XC25 only uses the exact amount of energy you need to stay comfortable. It can accomplish this while maintaining your desired temperature with exacting precision.

Lennox - XC25 - Variable Speed Comparison

Virtually Silent

Exclusive SilentComfort technology makes the XC25 up to 50% quieter than a standard air conditioner. An industry-exclusive composite fan designed with variable-speed operation and an insulated compressor compartment also help reduce sound levels.

Lennox - XC25 - SEER rating comparision chart.pdfSEERiously efficient

With industry-leading efficiencies of up to 26.00 SEER, the XC25 can save you hundreds of dollars each year on your utility bills, compared to older or conventional air conditioners. SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio” and is a measure of a central air conditioner’s efficiency and performance. The higher the SEER, the greater your energy savings. Typical SEER ratings range from 13 to 18, but the XC25 carries ratings as high as 26.00.

True comfort is Precise Comfort

Comfort is about more than just temperature. It’s about consistency – the ability to maintain an ideal temperature and perfect humidity under any conditions. Lennox Precise Comfort technology, enabled by the iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat. Allowing your cooling system to maintain your set temperature regardless of outside conditions by making minute adjustments to airflow and cooling. So, unlike conventional cooling systems, your air stays consistently comfortable, to within 0.5 degree of your set temperature, without any hot and cold swings.

Working with a matching variable-speed air handler, the XC25 removes about 30% more humidity from the air than a conventional single-stage unit. It has the capability to remove a moisture volume that’s equivalent to 24 sixteen-ounce water bottles.

Lennox - XC25 - Condensor PhotoXC25 Features

  • SilentComfort Fan Grill uses patent-pending, vortex-suppression technology to reduce sound of airflow exiting unit, providing a quieter environment outside your home.
  • SilentComfort Outdoor Fan Motor with Composite Fan Blades provides extremely reliable starting and running performance, even under the harshest outdoor conditions.
  • iComfort-Enabled Technolog allows the XC25 to exchange information with other home comfort system components and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and efficiency.
  • High-Efficiency Outdoor Coil provides exceptional heat transfer and low air resistance for high-efficiency operation that can lower your cooling bills.
  • Variable-Capacity, Inverter-Controlled Compressor adjusts output in increments as low as 1%, allowing the unit to perfectly cool your home using minimal energy. Plus, it comes with U.S. EPA-approved R-410A refrigerant.
  • PermaGuard Cabinet – Heavy gauge, galvanized steel construction, louver coil guard, baked-on powder finish and durable zinc-coated steel base provide long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.
  • SmartHinge Louver Design allows quick, easy access to interior components. From all sides, the unit can be serviced quickly.

We’re obsessed with the pursuit of creating perfect air, and doing so with absolute efficiency. Since 1895, Lennox has been on a continuous quest to reinvent home comfort. Perfect air is our purpose and our obsession. Today, that persuit takes shape in many innovative ways. Precise and energy-efficient air conditioners, the quietest high-efficiency furnaces, heat pumps, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, air handlers, air cleaners, small-space comfort systems, boilers and more.

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