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Sunset Air and Home Services are proud to announce we now carry a full line of high quality, Manitowoc Ice Machines for residential, and commercial use.

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Man•i•to•woc (man‘a-ta-wôk) home of the Great Spirit, a city in east central Wisconsin on Lake Michigan; population 33,400. Since its inception in 1964, Manitowoc Ice, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of technology and conservation.

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The Sunset Air and Home Services team is committed to providing products that not only satisfy customer needs but also add value to the equipment investment by reducing costs and emphasizing food safety. The Manitowoc Ice product line fit this criteria perfectly.

Sunset Air and Home Services - Manitowoc - Indigo - Ice Cube Machine - New Ice MachinesOur newest ice machine – Indigo™, offers a series of technological advancements including intelligent diagnostics, the ability to monitor ice machine operations 24-hours a day, easy-to-read display screen, a patented cleaning system to handle food safety concerns, assurance that ice will be clean and taste great for your customers, water and energy management features that save money, and superior service and support of the equipment. We’ve combined intuition and innovation for the perfect ice machine. We call it Indigo, you’ll call it “ice assurance” because you’ll never have to worry about ice again.

When ice is critical to your business, you need an ice machine that won’t let you down. Indigo has been designed to deliver the ice you need, when you need it, day in and day out. That’s why, when you need ice, choose Manitowoc Indigo™ Series Ice Machines from Sunset Air and Home Services. INDIGO ICE MACHINES

NEO, the everywhere you need ice machine, offers an all-in-one solution to your under-counter ice cube needs. Perfect for restaurants, bars, cafés, coffee shops, stadium boxes, offices, medical uses,Sunset Air and Home Services - Manitowoc - Neo Under Counter - Ice Cube Machine - Ice Machine Sales delis, churches — NEO is designed to deliver ice wherever you need it. NEO™ means NEW. It’s a new standard, a new class, a new approach, and a new way for you to think about ice by providing new levels in performance, intelligence, and convenience in an all-in-one solution. You don’t become a Best in Class ice machine without great service. NEO™ delivers here too, with a removable bin that makes it easy to perform service without moving the machine. Well-designed modular construction makes the NEO ice machine much easier and faster to service which equals less money out of your pocket. NEO ICE MACHINES

Sunset Air and Home Services - Ice Tea-Ice Cubes - New Ice MachinesAll Manitowoc ice machines use environmentally friendly non-CFC refrigerants. Many are Energy Star compliant. The product line also includes ice storage bins, floor standing ice dispensers, ice machine accessories and a group of cleaning and sanitizing items such as AuCS, Guardian, and Arctic Pure water filters. Innovation and customer support has enabled Manitowoc Ice to become America’s #1 selling brand of ice machine.

For information on our complete line of Manitowoc products, price, delivery, and installation contact a Sunset Air and Home Services representative today!