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Whole House Surge Protection – Industrial Protection for your Home

You may ask “Do I really need a surge protector for my whole house?”. The answer is most definitely, YES! Not only do you want to stop surges before they get in, but far more often, you need to stop the surges created from within your own home. Whole house surge protectors work. This is proven technology used every day in industries and businesses across the country. On this page, we will explain how they work, what solutions are available for your home, and why we here at Sunset Air and Home Services recommend the Surge Assure brand.

surgeassure - surge protector - whole home protection
Power surges are caused by lightning, utility problems, and by turning appliances on and off. They can cause malfunctions, premature failures, and damages to your Home Entertainment Center, Computer, Appliances, and Air Conditioners. But the damage is preventable by applying proven principles combined with industrial strength surge protection.

How can Surge Assure protect my home and increase the life of my electronic equipment?

surgeassure - surge protector - 4 zones of surge protection


Surge Assure divides your home into four lines of protection. Each type of protection works with the other to create whole home surge protection.


The Main Zone is stage 1 protection for the home. It consists of a hardwired AC surge protector installed at the breaker panel and in-line protectors for the phone and cable TV or satellite lines.


The Interior Zone is stage 2 protection for equipment within the home. Interior zone protectors consist of plug strips and wall plug protectors.


The Exterior Zone is stage 3 protection for pumps and motors located outside the home. Well pumps, pool equipment, sump pumps, and outside air conditioning units are typical exterior zone applications.



surgeassure - surge protection - photo array

Panel Surge Protector surgeassure - sa series - surge protection photo

Protect electrical appliances from surges that enter through the main electrical panel.

  • Uses MOV technology that stops surges from entering the electrical system
  • Audible Alarm with N-G Monitoring makes device unique in the market

Cable/Phone Surge Protectorssat1 plug in - sath2 hard wired phone line - savfff coax protector - surgeassure

SAVFFF protects television signal inputs and other coaxial connected electronics

  • Uses rugged Gas Tube technology that stops surges from traveling through your main cable connection

SAT1 protects telephone, DSL, or modem connected electronics

  • Uses multi stage suppression components that stops surges from entering through your main telephone connection

The SATH2 protects telephone, DSL, or modem connected electronics

  • The SATH2 is a 2 pair, hardwired surge protector that stops surges from entering through your main telephone connection
  • The SATHW2 is the SATH2 housed in a weatherproof enclosure to facilitate indoor or outdoor applications

Interior Surge Protectors

sap1 - sap6t2v1 - sas8t2v2 outlet wall plug protector - surgeassure

These space saving wall plug protectors are designed for applications where a plug strip is not practical


  • The SAP1 is ideal for answering machines, fax machines, and any 120 volt appliance


  • SAP6T2V1 is ideal for protecting TVs, computers, and any electronic equipment where multiple outlets and a low profile are preferable. Contains space for 2 coax lines and 2 phone/fax/modem lines


  • SAS8T2V2 provides protection for 8AC outlets with space for 3 adapter plugs, 2 coax lines, and 2 telephone/fax/modem lines. Specially designed for home theater and home office applications

Exterior Surge Protectors

Protects electrical appliances that are located away from the house.spdee - spdee dc - hard wired point of use protector - surgeassure

  • SPDEE & S50A – Protects air conditioning units, pool equipment, irrigation pumps, and more from surges
  • SPDEE DC – Ideal for protecting PhotoVoltaic (PV) applications such as Solar PV Converters and Solar PV Combiner Boxes
  • Uses MOV technology that stops surges from entering the electrical system

Why Surge Assure?

Advanced Protection Technologies (APT) has been a worldwide leader in the surge suppression industry since 1985. APT’s surge protection products have long set the standard for protection of commercial and industrial facilities. Surge Assure was formed to bring this same level of protection to residential customers.

Through Surge Assure we bring superior protection solutions and services to residential customers. Surge Assure protection products utilize the same technology and rugged components used in our industrial & commercial products that protect critical electronic equipment for Fortune 500 companies. When Surge Assure products are installed using the proven zone concept used by APT for protecting hospitals, schools, wastewater treatment plants & other facilities, your valuable equipment will last without your lifestyle being interrupted.

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The amount your family has invested in electronics (and appliances with electronics) in your home could easily be over $10,000 dollars. You can protect all of your electronic devices from damaging power surges, which are much more common than you think. Order your Surge Assure surge protection package from Sunset Air and Home Services TODAY! Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing a professionally installed Surge Assure surge protection system is there to protect your investment. Contact us for a free estimate right away!

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