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Using UV Lights, the UltraMAX by Ultravation utilizes the natural power of ultraviolet light to control airborne allergens and microorganisms — bacteria, viruses and mold growth on HVAC interior surfaces.

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Natural UV light from the sun keeps airborne microorganisms under control outdoors. UltraMAX improves the air in your entire home by doing the same thing indoors. . . inside your HVAC system!

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And UltraMAX also destroys mold and mildew on interior HVAC surfaces for a cleaner running, more efficient HVAC system. Since UltraMAX installs in your HVAC system, it’s always completely out of the way and operates silently!

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Studies have confirmed that an unintended result of today’s “tighter” homes and increased use of HVAC systems has led to increased indoor air pollution. Now, indoor air pollution levels can rise far beyond outdoor air—even 100 times more polluted! Ultravation is dedicated to developing new ways to control indoor air contamination.

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Illness causing microorganism infestation, allergens, and bad odors caused by VOCs* are all problems that can significantly affect the well being and comfort of every member of the household. We are specialists in manufacturing products that help you effectively manage and optimize indoor air quality, while taking full advantage of all the energy saving “green” benefits you can bring to your home.

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Our products are the result of studying the sources and causes of indoor air contamination, and combining proven techniques and new technologies to reduce it simply and effectively.


Kill airborne bacteria and viruses and reduce odors for cleaner indoor air with the UVPhotoMAX™ for HVAC Systems. The UVPhotoMAX takes Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) air purification to a new level of convenience and effectiveness.

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Ultravation’s UVPhotoMAX advanced oxidation air purification system is a compact but very powerful whole house air purifier that operates conveniently on 24-240 VAC Smart-Power. It is a second generation design that achieves a state-of-the-art level of airborne germ killing and odor reduction capability.

  • Installs in your HVAC system for whole house effectiveness
  • No fans or motors for 100% silent operation
  • Germicidal UV Lights kill airborne bacteria and viruses as they pass through your HVAC ductwork
  • ReFresh™ patented advanced oxidation system eliminates common household odors.
  • 24 VAC operation, PTE-1224 model
  • 120-240 VAC operation, power cord included, PTE-1200 model

At the heart of each UVPhotoMAX is the Ultravation® ReFresh™ advanced oxidation photocatalytic reactor, controlled by the Photon Clarifier*** for optimizing performance. Hundreds of odors from pets, foods, cooking, trash and garbage, paint, carpet, cleaning agents, plus musty damp smells from mold and mildew are broken down. All organic odors (from VOCs*) are treated.


A revolutionary whole house air treatment system that is effective against all sources of indoor air contamination! Photronic addresses every critical source of air contamination to dramatically improve indoor air quality with a single, easy to install system.

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It conditions circulating indoor air to reduce biological and particulate air contamination for an entire household. A Photronic™ integrated air quality system, professionally installed, will outperform even complicated multi-component systems because of its balanced design.

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And with the remote lamp system, the Photronic also destroys mold and mildew on interior HVAC surfaces for a cleaner running, more efficient HVAC system. Each stage is engineered to compliment the others in a way no “pieced together” system can. And the whole system occupies little more space than most standard HVAC media air cleaners.

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Dirt, dust and allergens are captured in 32 square feet* of MERV 13 ProgressiveMedia™ air filtration That’s the filter capture surface area, folded into a pleated Photronic ProgressiveMedia™ five inch filter cartridge!

• Very high efficiency air cleaning—more than 99% efficient on pollen!
• Special layered construction provides exceptional dirt holding capacity.
• Features Ultravation® Ultrastrand™ fibers that maximize capture, filter efficiency, they are hypo-allergenic.

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Stop mold growth and destroy millions of airborne germs with UltraMAX™ UV lights Reduce illnesses caused by airborne bacteria and viruses!

• UV-C equipped Photronic™ models employ Ultravation’s UltraMAX™ UV air treatment with the patented*** ™ UV lamp system, to literally disinfect the air.
• UV-C light kills bacteria and viruses in the air stream and simultaneously halts mold and other biological growth on interior HVAC surfaces—which when uncontrolled can be a major source of bio-contamination of the air.
• UV-C light is highly germicidal yet generates no by-products!

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Photronic creates a healthier, fresher smelling and more comfortable indoor environment with ReFresh™ photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) system. Photronic’s ReFresh™ air purification process, operates in much the same way a catalytic converter breaks down complex substances in a car’s exhaust:

• The air passing through the ReFresh™ system comes in contact with a UV energized grid, coated with an exclusive PCO formulation containing titanium dioxide.
• The grid reacts with hundreds of odors (caused by VOCs**) and other organics including microorganisms and breaks them down into harmless and odorless components.

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Call Sunset Air and Home Services now! We will help you choose the right model. There’s a Photronic™ to fit any HVAC system, but there are many systems and configurations across the country. We know which UV Lights system is best for your needs, and know how to install the system for optimum results.

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