“… low refrigerant …”

“… low refrigerant …”

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“… low refrigerant …”

Sunset Air and Home Services - Naples - Angie's List - low refrigerant11-05-2015

My AC system was not working due to low refrigerant in a 5 ton AC system. The technician poured 2 buckets of water on the compressor to cool it down. The charge was $107, he the added 10lbs of R22 refrigerant. The charge was $687. 30lbs or R22 sells for $350 at the market. The market up here is more than 6 times of the market cost. My dissatisfaction lies in the fact that I was to agree to the unit price of refrigerant and the recharging service without knowing ahead of time on how much of the refrigerant will be used and what the ultimate charge will be. Sunset can charge a customer what it deems reasonable but mot providing an estimate of the total cost is not reasonable. The total charge for the repair came to $889 for adding refrigerant to the system. Had I known the coast ahead of time, I might have used a different vendor or requested a different service.
Bobby L., Naples, Fl


I have reviewed the claim that Mr. L. has made. Fortunately, we have a great software system in place to track these very types of issues. I have verified that verything was well explained to the customer in full detail… it is also on his service invoice in detail. The customer was at home when we presented the information (including the refrigerant charge). He agreed to the charges and we preformed the service.
R-22 refrigerant is expensive due to the phasing out of the product. The refrigerant fluctuates daily, some days it is indeed $350.00 per 30lbs cylinder and some days we can get it for $300.00/cylinder and other days we have paid over $400.00. All company pricing structures are not created equal. Pricing for any type of business is done “per company basis”, meaning we charge what we need to charge based on our current company overhead (and several other factors).
We use a flat rate pricing structure which is very effective in protecting the customer from “over charging them”.  I called (5) companies that are of equal size to Sunset Air. Without mentioning the names of the companies, I had quotes of $99.00-$77.00- $72.00-$70.00- and $68.00/ pound. We called 3 other that would not give us a price over the phone; they only wanted to send someone to the home to give prices.

In closing, I feel this was handled very well by my staff and the information and pricing given to the customer is right on point. I want to thank Mr. L. for his review on Angies List. It appears the price was the only low point in our overall grade from the customer so I’m pleased that we were able to give him satisfaction in our performance. I also appreciate the fact that he did give us a fair rating on all of the other categories. I hope I have given a proper and understandable account of the service we preformed. Jason S., President Sunset Air and Home Services

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