Never Disappointed

Never Disappointed

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Sunset Air and Home Services - Fort Myers - Angies List - Never DisappointedNever Disappointed

10/21/2016 – Angie’s List Review

I have used Sunset Air and Home Services since 1999 – never disappointed. They have been performing the AC Maintenance on my Central Air for many years. Sunset Air goes through the entire system from top to bottom, every 6 months.

When Adam came to take care of the AC Maintenance in May, he found something was wrong. The compressor outside was drawing more amperage than it should have been. This was not a shock. The electric bills have been creeping up lately. Also, the unit seems to be making more noise, especially when starting up.

To replace the compressor on such an old unit would not be cost effective. Furthermore, the freon gas used in these old units is very expensive to buy today. He told me the system was working for now, so we had a little time to prepare.

We heard that Daikin is a good brand, and they have special offers for new systems. We decided on a new Daikin AC System just in time. Texted Sunset Air on a 100 degree day at 5:30 AM and had a new unit up and running at 5:30 PM – doesn’t get any better than that!

Description of work:

Recently replaced my AC Unit. Removed the old system and installed a new Daikin AC Unit.

Sharon J., Cape Coral, FL

  • Overall = A
  • Price = A
  • Quality = A
  • Responsiveness = A
  • Punctuality = A
  • Professionalism = A

Service Provider Response:

Thank you so much! We greatly appreciate your long time continued service with us, it means so much. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with such positive feedback, it is so pleasing to hear. We look forward to many more years of business with you. Thank you again.
Best Regards
Shelbi Payne
Sunset Air & Home Services, Inc.

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