Rebate up to $1250 Now Available

Rebate up to $1250 Now Available

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A Rebate up to $1250 is now available when you purchase a new TRANE air conditioning system through Sunset Air. In addition, you will also receive other great incentives.

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Living in the tropics of SW Florida means your AC system works hard nearly all year long.  Furthermore, the harsh weather and normal wear-and-tear takes a toll on your AC. Therefore,  your AC system’s life span is about 10 years in Florida. Operating your existing air conditioning with minimal repairs is cost-efficient.  However, there comes a time when financially it makes sense to purchase a new system.

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Although this purchase is a significant investment, there are ways you can save money on a new AC.

Always ask about Rebates

Air conditioner manufacturers regularly offer rebates through your local AC contractor, like Sunset Air and Home Services. Secondly, these programs may also include other incentives to save you a significant amount of money. As a result, you get started on the right path with your investment. Typically, these incentives are only good for a limited time.

Always Ask About Rebates - Sunset Air and Home Services - Fort Myers, FL

For example, we are currently offering a rebate on TRANE equipment of up to $1250 on new AC units. This includes standard split and unitary units. The total amount of the rebate will depend on the equipment purchased. In addition, this special also includes these incentives:

  1. 10 years parts and labor warranty (only applies in certain cases)
  2. Free duct sanitizing
  3. 1-year maintenance contract
  4. WIFI thermostat (only applies in certain cases)

Rebate up to $1250 Now Available: Evaluate Financing Options

Trane AC unit – Rebate up to $1250 Now Available - Sunset Air and Home Services – Fort Myers

Payment Plans through an AC company can help you alleviate financial strain and allow you to obtain a new unit immediately. At Sunset Air and Home Services, we offer flexible financing options to help get you and your family back to feeling cool and comfortable.

Rebate up to $1250 Now Available: Consider SEER; THE efficiency rating

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SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) measures how much energy your AC unit consumes, then determines how much of that energy is applied toward conditioned air. The higher the SEER rating, the greater your energy savings. A higher SEER rating will prove less expensive to operate because its electrical usage is less, which means you save money on utility bills.

Rebate up to $1250 Now Available: Invest in a WIFI thermostat

Honeywell Thermostat - Sunset Air and Home Services - Fort Myers, FL

Programmable thermostats automatically raise and lower the temperature throughout the day, which can save you up to 28% in cooling costs. Ask us for recommendations.

With a little research and help from your local, trusted AC company, you can reduce the financial sting of a new AC purchase.  We have live customer service representatives standing by to answer your questions. This special is good for a limited time only. Contact Us,  239-693-9005.

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