Repair Or Replace Your Aging AC Unit?

Should you repair or replace your aging ac unit? Is you air conditioner acting up? Determining whether to repair/replace your aging ac unit can be a challenge. Consider these factors before deciding.

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The air conditioning unit outside of your home works hard day in and day out to keep your family cool. Just like every other bit of technology in your life your air conditioner accumulates wear and tear every day from casual use.

There is a good chance that installing a new air condition­ing system will end up costing you less in the long run. You can decide whether you are going to repair your current unit or replace it. Here are some tips to help you figure out what the future of your air conditioner is.

Cost Difference Between A/C Repair and AC Replacement

The first thing that you are going to want to look into is what the difference in cost is between having your current AC repaired or having a brand new one installed. If the cost of fixing your expensive home appliance is close to your quote for a new installation, the replacement option is a better choice.

Age is Often the Determinantsunset-air-and-home-services-ac-technician

On the other hand, with a newer air conditioner that requires just a simple fix that is low in cost, you will find it more beneficial to just keep what you have and complete the small repair. When it comes to an older air condi­tioner though, the improve­ment on energy efficiency alone can quickly offset the price paid for a new system. Keep this in mind when trying to choose between an AC re­pair or an AC replacement.

The General Rule of Air Condi­tioner Efficiency

The rule of thumb for trying to decide, based on the age, is if the system is around two years old, there is a good chance repairs will be beneficial. An air conditioners lifespan is around eight years. If yours is around that age, replacement is what you are looking for. When it comes to air conditioners that are about four years old, it is possible for the decision to go either way.

Get Rid of Faulty Systems

If your air conditioner has done nothing but give you problems since it was installed, it could save you future headaches by just junking your constantly failing air conditioning unit. This will save yourself more hassle than you know. Having a system that is reliable and efficient that also includes a yearly scheduled maintenance visit will prove an amazing choice that will continue func­tioning for years.

Rely on Newer Technology

The biggest advantage of a new A/C unit is the strong possibility that the new model is energy-efficient. It is not likely that the monthly savings on your utility bills will show the savings in the first month. In the course of a few years, that air conditioning unit can successfully pay for itself and begin to make you money.

Energy Star Efficiency

When choosing a new air conditioning unit, look for the seal from Energy Star. This model meets or exceeds guidelines that the Environ­mental Protection Agency sets for energy efficiency. This can all get confusing if you are not sure what it means. Call Sunset Air & Home Services for your A/C repair. We will provide a free quote for problems stemming from your air conditioner.


You can expect outstanding customer service that will ex­ceed your expectations when you choose Sunset Air & Home Services. We will send our highly qualified techni­cian to your home to inspect the issues you are having with your air conditioning unit.

Take The Quiz

Is It Time To Repair Or Replace Your Faulty HVAC Unit?

  1. Age of your AC Unit? – a. 1-7 years    b. 8-12 years
  2. How much have you spent on your AC Unit in the past year? – a. Under $600    b. Over $600
  3. Are your energy bills increasing each month? – a. Yes    b. No
  4. Do you regularly maintain your HVAC system? – a. Yes    b. No
  5. Does your home have humidity problems? – a. Yes    b. No
  6. Are some rooms in your home often too cold or hot? – a. Yes    b. No
  7. Is your HVAC unit unusually noisy? – a. Yes    b. No
  8. Does your home have excessive dust? – a. Yes    b. No


REPAIR – 0-2 Points

Based on information you provided, your HVAC system should be repaired. In order to fix your unit, please reach out to our team of experts to request a diagnosis. Remember, regular maintenance for your HVAC system is required to keep your unit operating properly. Use these tips to prevent future problems: don’t skip routine maintenance, make service calls when there is an unusual problem, keep your coils and filters clean, and keep the outdoor unit free of debris.

TECHNICIAN – 3-5 Points

We recommend having a technician come out to further inspect your unit. In order to give you the most accurate advice, please reach out to our team of experts to schedule an appointment.

REPLACE – 6-8 Points

Based on the information you provided, your HVAC should be replaced. In order to determine the best new unit for your home, please reach out to our team of experts to request a quote from one of our comfort consultants. Did you know that if your system is more than ten years old, it could be using twice the amount of energy that a new one would?


  1. a=0, b=1
  2. a=0, b=1
  3. a=1, b=0
  4. a=0, b=1
  5. a=1, b=0
  6. a=1, b=0
  7. a=1, b=0
  8. a=1, b=0


  1. New AC Units can have up to a 20 SEER efficiency rating, reducing monthly costs significantly.
  2. An oversized AC Units constant cycling leads to poor humidity control and premature failure.
  3. Leaky ducts can pull particles and air from attics or basements and distribute them throughout your house causing an increase in household dust.

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