“…saved the day!”

“…saved the day!”

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Sunset Air Fort Myers Angie's List-saved the day“Once again Sunset Air has saved the day!”

Once again Sunset Air has saved the day! Our family has a duplex in SE Cape and on Friday 09/28, at 8 pm one renter called and his air was not working! I immediately called Sunset Air and the on-call technician called in minutes (my husband did not get his name)and was on his way to SE Cape from Alva. The compressor was “bad”. He said he had everything BUT that at the shop. He said he would do what he could for us, but tomorrow being Saturday, may be a problem. This friendly, extremely competent at his job fellow really, really went above and beyond for us. He called at 8 am on Saturday to let us know the progress of his search. He checked to see if the unit was still under warranty (installed in 2009 – we purchased the property in 2010). The unit was not of Sunset Air’s quality! He called around 3 pm and said he had found what we needed! My husband went to the Duplex and met another of your fine technicians and he had it installed in no time. I hope you know how much we appreciate all that was done. We and our renters love Sunset Air. Thanks. Ms. S., Cape Coral, FL 



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