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Smart Thermostat Benefits

In our previous blog, we defined Smart thermostats and discussed the difference between a Smart and Programmable thermostat.  In today’s article, we describe the benefits of a Smart thermostat in a little more detail.

Smart Thermostats Allow Total Control

In a nutshell, Smart thermostats give you the opportunity to control your heating and cooling remotely, while incorporating your lifestyle and habits.

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For example, Smart thermostats are designed to “learn” when you leave and come home, which rooms you spend the most time in, and the desired temperature of your home, depending on the time of day.

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Or, if you happen to forget that small but important task before leaving, you can adjust it later via your phone. You can also change the temperature based on the weather, and even when a certain number of people are in your home – all from any location.

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In addition, if you are away on vacation, you can turn your AC on just before your arrival. Therefore, when you leave your Florida home to go up north to see the grandkids, you’ll have total control of your thermostat from your phone.

Smart Thermostats Detect Issues

Some Smart thermostats have diagnostic features which detect when there’s a problem with your duct or AC system.

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In addition, your Smart thermostat can remind you when it’s time to perform system maintenance, i.e., change your air filter. It can also provide you with details regarding your energy consumption.

Hot and cold spots in specific rooms can be challenging to control. Some Smart thermostats include room sensors that can minimize the temperature differences in a specific room or area of the home.

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The sensor communicates with the thermostat, allowing the air conditioner to run longer (or less) as needed to help level out the temperature in those specific areas.

While this may not fix the problem completely, it is a cost-effective way to reduce hot or cold spots.

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Pro Tip – There are several factors that contribute to hot and cold spots in your home. It is best to call a professional to identify exactly what is happening.  Our technicians are very knowledgeable in this area and can diagnose this issue quickly and affordably. 

Smart Thermostats Adust Automatically

Geofencing is a feature that uses your phone’s location to determine if you’re home or not.  Based on your geographical location, it adjusts your thermostat automatically.

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It can also recognize when you enter the home and save on heating and cooling cost when you’re away. Geofencing is ideal for people who are in and out all day, or don’t follow a set schedule.

Summary Of Smart Thermostat Benefits

Smart thermostats save you money on your energy bill simply by cooling and heating the home only as much as needed.

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Using the highly intuitive features like learning, scheduling, geofencing, by diagnosing problems with the system, and by reminding you of when it’s time to perform maintenance, your HVAC system runs more efficiently and uses less energy.

Room sensors can also reduce energy consumption by heating and cooling specific areas more accurately.

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All of these features are designed to make your life easier and give you more control over the temperature in your home.

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