When to call for AC repair

When to call for AC repair

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Today we look at several issues that trigger when to call for AC repair.

In Southwest Florida, we count on our air conditioners to take care of us so we can come home to refreshing cool air after a day at the beach. Typically, our AC unit does its job for us, and we tend to go about our business not thinking too much about it. That is until something goes wrong and it stops cooling. So how do you know if your AC unit needs repair in Cape Coral or Fort Myers?

Below is Part 1 of 2; When to call for AC repair.

When to call for AC repair: The air flow from my vents is weak.

Are you experiencing cool, but weak air flow from your vents? This could indicate a significant problem with your compressor, air ducts, or evaporator coils. In less serious cases, it may only be a dirty air filter.  Before calling for AC repair, change your air filter. If you are still experiencing issues, it’s best to call a professional at Sunset Air to evaluate your unit.  Keep in mind, regular maintenance performed on your AC unit helps you avoid bigger problems down the road.

The thermostat is not working.

thermostat – when to call for AC repair - Sunset Air & Home Services – Fort Myers

If your AC unit will not switch on this may indicate a malfunction with your thermostat. Also, if your thermostat consistently reads higher than your set point, there may be an issue. In either case, consult a professional AC technician for further advice.

When to call for AC repair: What’s that sound?

Man holding his ears – when to call for AC repair - Sunset Air & Home Services – Fort Myers

A high pitch, screaming sound coming from your compressor could indicate a serious problem. Turn off your unit immediately. This will ensure no further damage to your equipment.  If your AC has an internal sensor, it may shut down on its own, protecting you from a potentially hazardous situation.

The air feels musty.

Lazy dog in warm house – when to call for AC repair - Sunset Air & Home Services – Fort Myers

Your AC has two primary jobs. First, it should dehumidify your home. Secondly, it should produce cool air! If you start to notice a wet or sticky feeling even when the AC is running, this indicates too much humidity and your AC is not doing its first job.  Furthermore, check your humidistat setting. For those of us in SW Florida, the typical setting should be at 55%.

How can I save money on a repair or replacement?

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Sunset Air is currently offering several specials and rebates to help you financially. In addition, we provide financing options so you can get your AC unit quickly and easily.

Sunset Air and Home Services has been serving SW Florida homeowners just like you, for over 20 years. The foundation of our culture is finding the right solution for our clients and never selling them something they don’t need. Contact us for more information, www.sunset-air.com, 239-693-9005.

Part 2 will review more insight on when to call for AC repair.


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