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AC Tips For Any Season (Part 3 of 3)

AC Tips for any Season Part 3 of 3 concludes with additional tips to help you save a few dollars and maintain your AC equipment.

TIP #10: Set Your Thermostat to 78 Degrees

On those hot days, we recommend setting your thermostat to 78 degrees for maximum efficiency. HVAC systems work by either being on or off; there is no speed. Therefore, whether you drop the temperature one degree or 10 degrees, it will take the same amount of time to reach your desired setting.

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Setting your thermostat as low as possible will not cool your home quicker. In fact, when you set your thermostat to a much lower temperature, you are causing your HVAC system unnecessary effort, resulting in higher energy bills.

TIP #11: Do Not Turn Off Your AC

In the summer, do not turn off your AC unit when you leave for the day. Instead, set the temperature to 80 degrees. Turning off your AC, then turning it back on later, makes your system work harder to cool your home.

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Since your AC is also dehumidifying your home, it is best to keep the air turned on, even when away from home. High humidity levels can cause mildew, odor, structural damage, and attract bugs. To protect your home, turn your thermostat up instead of turning it off.

TIP #12: Consider A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats make it easy to control the temperature of your home when you leave for the day or vacation.  Some smart thermostats can even detect when you are away and automatically set the temperature for you.

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As you prepare to leave, set your AC to run at 72 degrees for about two hours each morning before sunrise and at 88 degrees the rest of the time. This will help prevent mildew buildup and save you money. For non-programmable thermostats, set your AC to run at 80 degrees while you are away.

Tip #13: All Warranties Are Not The Same

Typically, a standard Manufacturer’s Warranty includes 5 years on defective parts only with your purchase. But there’s more to the story. AC companies offer Limited Warranties, Extended Warranties, and Dealer Warranties, which can vary based on which company and unit you choose.

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Be sure to ask about exclusions and limitations. Above all, read the fine print.

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