AC Unit Payment Plans

AC Unit Payment Plans

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AC Unit Payment Plans can help you alleviate any financial strain and allow you to obtain a new AC unit immediately. We offer many flexible payment plans to get you back to feeling cool and comfortable.

We understand surprises.

Sick AC unit – AC unit payment plans - Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

Surprises happen. Unfortunately, they can come in the form of a broken AC unit or major equipment repair, which can quickly compromise your financial situation.

And, we’ve got you covered.

At Sunset Air & Home Services, we understand you may not be prepared for these types of unplanned expenses. That’s why we offer convenient financing options for your AC needs.

AC Unit Payment Plans: Why finance?

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Financing allows you to break a large investment up into smaller, manageable payments that work within your budget.

Easy and quick to apply.

With one phone call, our dedicated representatives will process your request for you in minutes, directly from your living room, even after hours. Upon approval, you will have the funds to get your AC up and running in no time. Since the loan approval process is completed so quickly, you don’t have to take extra steps by wasting time applying for a personal or home equity loan.

AC Unit Payment Plans: Get your new AC unit quickly.

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Upon approval, we can typically have your new AC unit operating within 24 hours. And, if necessary, we will provide you with a temporary cooling unit to ensure you and your family remain comfortable, until installation is complete.

Save money now; pay later with 0% interest plans.

Once approved, our flexible terms give you the freedom to defer your payments for 6-12-18-24 months, with no interest. This is a welcome option in uncertain times.

Here’s a brief summary of how a deferred-interest loan works:

Loans with “deferred interest” do accrue interest charges during the promotional period stated in your contract. However, if you pay off the entire balance before the promotional period ends, you pay NO interest. If you do not pay it off, you pay the interest charged during the promotional period, plus any interest accrued on the balance thereafter.

AC Unit Payment Plans: More options to save money now.

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If you choose a longer term, i.e. 36-48-60 months, you can defer your payments for the first 5 months. Similarly, interest will accrue during your term. This is another great alternative to reduce stress or financial burden for the short-term.

Other financing options may be available. Contact us for more information.

Next, you will receive all documentation, including an account number, via email. You can easily set up payments to be drafted from your bank account, online, or by phone.

Breathe easier knowing your home and family will be comfortable.

Our goal is to ensure your AC is running properly so you can have peace of mind and focus on other matters. It’s important to us that you remain healthy and comfortable, and we will do whatever we can to make this happen. Contact us today for more information. To complete our brief application, call Cindy, 239.693.9005.

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