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Clogged Drain Line (Part 2 of 2)

Clogged Drain Line? One of the most common reasons air conditioning system falter is due to a clogged drain line. Below are signs you may have a clogged drain line:

What Is That Smell?

Another sign your drain line may be clogged is a musty scent permeating throughout your home. How does this happen?

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Once your drain pan becomes clogged, it causes excess water to form, which converts your AC unit into a breeding ground for mildew and other growths.  As a result, you may notice a musty scent emitting from your central AC system each time it turns on.

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TIP: Make a habit to check your drain pan at the same time you change your air filter. Some residents in Florida do this simultaneously when the time changes each Spring and Fall.  To avoid harm to your home, AC system, or your family’s health, call Sunset Air and Home Services, 239-693-9005 for professional advice.

Water Stains On Ceiling

Another symptom is that annoying stain on your ceiling.  Are you noticing water randomly dripping from this area, or oddly enough, on a sunny day?

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Or perhaps water is dripping from the AC vents in your home?  This could be a sign of a clogged drain.  To be sure, check for water spots around the indoor unit.

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TIP: Invest in a maintenance plan, so your unit is inspected regularly by professionals who are trained to recognize and address all types of issues. This is an ideal way to gain peace of mind, especially if your home is vacant during part of the year.

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