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Controlling Humidity In SW Florida

Living in the tropics of SW Florida has many advantages, like enjoying the pool, beach, and so many outdoor activities all year-round.

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However, the reality is we are very prone to indoor humidity.  After all, outdoor humidity levels can rise as high as 90%.

Your AC Controls Humidity

Besides cooling the air, the priority of your AC is to remove excess moisture.  As a result, most homes should maintain average humidity levels that keep everyone comfortable.

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We recommend the ideal range for your Fort Myers or Cape Coral home to be between 45%-60%.

Despite your air conditioner’s efforts, if the air in your home is too humid, you may have an issue.

Humidity Issues In SW Florida

Here are a few issues that could crop up with high humidity levels:

  • Hotter home than normal; feels moist and clammy
  • Damage to food, surfaces, wood floors, and furniture
  • Pest issues (dust mites, roaches)

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  • Mildew smell/stains
  • Bacterial and viral growth
  • Respiratory problems

Managing Humidity In SW Florida

Check out these tips to manage humidity.

Your Setting Should Be On FAN AUTO / COOL. We highly recommend that you do not set your thermostat to the “FAN ON” position.

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Use Bathroom And Kitchen Vents. Bathrooms and kitchens are two rooms that can produce excess humidity. We recommend operating your bathroom ventilation fan while you are showering, and for 15 minutes after to pull excess humidity out. Use the kitchen exhaust fan during and after cooking to help reduce humidity.

Ensure Your System Is Sized Properly. An air conditioner can only reduce humidity levels while it is operating. If your system is too large, it will short cycle and not operate long enough to effectively reduce your home’s humidity levels.

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Conversely, if your AC system is too small, it may not be powerful enough to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

Get AC Tune-Ups And Change Your Filter.  Maintaining your AC regularly keeps dirt and dust from building up on AC components.

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If enough dust builds up on the evaporator coil, your system will not remove as much moisture from the air, which leaves you with higher humidity.

Use Ceiling Fans. This will help circulate the air in your home and reduce evaporation.

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Consider A Dehumidifier. In some cases, a dehumidifier may be the right solution. This helps to remove excess moisture from your home.

Look For Standing Water Around Your Home. Standing water can cause issues. Check your downspouts and gutters for debris that keeps water near your home, especially the foundation. The water can seep through your home and add to indoor humidity.

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Keep in mind there are highly efficient state-of-the-art AC units and accessories on the market today to help control temperature and humidity levels inside your home.

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If you are experiencing a humid environment, the best thing to do is call us so we can help you determine the source(s) in your home.

After a complete evaluation of your AC unit, we can recommend ways to get you and your family feeling comfortable again! Contact us at (239) 693-9005.

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