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Duct Free Air Conditioners

Duct free air conditioners, or mini-split HVAC units can be a useful alternative to cool and heat your home or business. By installing separate units in each room, they offer both economic and environmental advantages. We are installing them in multi-family housing, as well as single family homes, and offices. One of the money, and energy savings advantages are use of space. Sometimes, areas of the home or office are unoccupied. Therefore, you can set the indoor unit for that space to the minimum setting.

Duct Free AC Systems

Duct-free AC Systems have no duct work. They consist of an outdoor condenser, and can have several indoor air-handler units. These are linked together with tubing that houses the power cable, refrigerant, and drain for condensation. In many ways,  they operate in a manner quite similar to a standard air conditioning system.

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The main advantages of duct free systems are ease of installation, energy savings, and flexibility in system location.

Duct free system can be installed in places where conventional AC Systems cannot go. Options for interior design include ceiling and wall mounted units, drop ceiling applications, and even a picture gallery unit. Most indoor units have profiles of about eight to 11 inches deep, and have a range of aesthetically-refined designs suitable for any home of office.

Remote Control

All models offer a remote control to easily make adjustments to the systems air flow pattern, temperature, or completely shut down. This is useful when suspended high on a wall or ceiling.

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Duct free systems can also help to keep your home safer because there is only a small hole for the tubing to pass through the wall. Window-mounted and through-the-wall room air conditioners, unfortunately, can provide an easy entrance for intruders.

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