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What Is The Best Humidity Level For Sleep?

We are all looking for a good night’s rest.  So, what is the best humidity level for sleep?  Experts agree your humidity level should be about 50% in your bedroom year-round.  As a result, you can prevent dust mite infestations, mold and mildew growth, and bacteria. In addition, when you control humidity,  you can adjust your AC temperature for more efficient operation.

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What is the impact of humidity levels?

Although rare in Florida, too little humidity can lead to problems like nose bleeds, skin irritations, and difficulty breathing. However, too much humidity can be dangerous, causing mold to form and serious respiratory diseases.  If you or your family has asthma and allergies, chances are you’ll be impacted.  In addition, too much humidity makes your home feel hot and muggy, which leads to higher electric bills and feeling uncomfortable.  Similarly, high levels of humidity can also cause structural damage, and warp your home’s furniture, walls, floors, and fixtures.

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Tips to control humidity levels

A study from the EPA suggests poor air quality is today’s #1 environmental factor.  Therefore, consider these 7 tips you can do around your house to maintain a comfortable atmosphere:

  • Run your ceiling fans to increase air circulation.  This helps dry up standing water and creates a wind-chill effect o to 10 degrees lower, keeping you cool
  • Turn on your bathroom fan when you shower
  • Keep your kitchen fan running when you cook
  • In South Florida, we look forward to enjoying our fresh tropical breezes. So, open your windows when it’s nice out and humidity levels are clearly low.  You’ll be greeted with fresh air.
  • Close the windows when humidity levels are higher.
  • Check for water leaks that could contribute to higher indoor humidity. Look in easy-to-reach areas, for example under sinks and behind toilets.
  • Seal your air ducts to avoid unconditioned air to enter from your attic.
  • Consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier to pull out moisture.


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Why a whole-house dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier can be a great investment for your home.  While air conditioners do strip moisture from air when running, one key difference is air conditioners are designed to optimize cooling and circulating air.  In contrast, a whole-house dehumidifier is designed to pull out moisture, and runs independently of your AC.

As a result, this allows you to operate it alone on mild days, or in tandem with your AC to boost the equipment’s moisture-removing abilities, and cool your home faster.  It filters particles, airborne allergens, and other pollutants, so you breathe cleaner air in your home.  A dehumidifier also allows you to program the humidity level so it runs only when necessary and turns off when the ideal home humidity level is reached.

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How do I choose a dehumidifier?

There are many things to look for including size, level of noise, user-friendly controls, easy to empty tanks, and hose connection.  Therefore, call an expert for advice before making a decision.  Sunset Air can help you measure and control your home’s humidity, and recommend tools best suited for your home.  Our expert technicians are here to guide you to ensure you make well-informed decisions.

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