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Smart HVAC Solutions

We are all aware that technology is moving faster and faster these days. And the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry is right on track with this trend. What was once thought of as purely futuristic is now a reality.

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Today, we are sharing a few AC trends that are improving the lives of homeowners in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida.

Smart HVAC Systems

Smart HVAC systems are growing in popularity, with some solutions already becoming the norm. Why? We are all looking to increase our comfort, save money and energy, be more efficient and contribute to an eco-friendly environment.

Smart HVAC Features

A Smart HVAC system uses wireless technology to communicate with other smart devices and sensors in your home.

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Features such as self-learning (smart) thermostats, smart vents, and voice control are all designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs. In addition, systems now offer self-diagnostic capabilities that provide insight into your system’s performance, alerting you to potential issues before they become major repairs.

Ductless HVAC Solution

A ductless mini-split does not require a duct system to operate. It consists of two independent units – one indoor and one outdoor. It is the perfect solution for cooling a spare bedroom that experiences hot spots or that 2nd story game room add-on. Thanks to inverter technology, mini splits only generate the necessary amount of cooling to maintain your desired temperature.

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In general, the larger the room, the higher the BTU rating your unit will need. Compact, energy-efficient, and various mounting options make the ductless mini-split an intelligent choice for keeping your garage or sunroom cool.

Zoning HVAC Solution

A typical HVAC system utilizes one thermostat to regulate the temperature of your entire home. It works for sure, but not the most energy-efficient. Zoning allows you to establish up to four separate zones in your home, set to four different temperatures.

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A damper and sensor are installed into the existing ductwork for each new zone. As data is sent back to the zoning control module, the dampers open or close to adjust the air temperature and airflow. Zoning allows you to efficiently cool specific rooms based on usage or time of day. For example, you may want your home office to be nice and cool during the day while your bedroom remains at a lower temperature.

A Smart Air Quality Solution

The indoor air quality discussion has grown by leaps and bounds this past year, and rightly so.

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Of course, the usual indoor pollution suspects, i.e., moisture, radon, allergens, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are still of interest. However, there are now heightened concerns regarding virus variants, bacteria, and airborne droplets.

What Is A Reme Halo?

Rising in popularity is the Reme Halo, an in-duct air purifier that uses Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy to improve indoor air quality far beyond the level of traditional stand-alone air purifier systems.

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The technology built into the Reme Halo proactively goes after contaminants causing them to stick together. As a result, they increase in size so air filters have a better chance of trapping them.

All this technology is aimed at operating a more efficient AC system and saving you money.

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With more than 25 years of serving SW Florida homeowners just like you, we can help determine the right solution for your lifestyle. Gain peace of mind and save money with a Smart HVAC solution, (239) 693-9005

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