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Why Is My AC Turning On And Off (Part 1)

Why is my AC turning on and off (Part 1) will give you ideas on what could be happening with your equipment.

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What Is Short Cycling?

Short cycling occurs when something in the AC system prevents the equipment from completing a full cooling cycle. You will notice your AC running for only a few minutes and then rapidly shutting down. Typically, it will turn off before it has properly cooled the home or shut down after cooling the house very quickly. Simply put, your AC is telling you it needs attention.

Why Is This Happening?

This occurs because the unit is reaching its set temperature too quickly.  Since your unit is shutting off and on in short clips, it is not operating efficiently.  If ignored, this red flag can turn into bigger issues.

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For example, this might include:

  • An increase in your monthly energy bill with no additional benefit.
  • System breakdowns from additional strain.
  • A shorter lifespan for your AC.
  • Additional – and costly – repairs.

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Typically, short cycling is a symptom of other problems. Ideally, your air conditioner should run on average 15 solid minutes in SW Florida. Below are the most common dilemmas causing short cycling.

A Dirty Or Clogged Air Filter

When the filter is clogged, the system cannot bring in a steady amount of air to run efficiently. As a result, your system can overheat. This causes it to kick off before the cycle ends, protecting itself from further damage.

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TIP: Replace your AC filter regularly. Ensure your return and supply vents are not blocked by furniture, curtains, etc.

Thermostat Location

Your thermostat acts as the sensor for your AC, telling it when to cool your home. If its location is not optimal, such as near a window or too close to a vent, your thermostat will send misleading information to your AC, resulting in short cycling.

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TIP: Be sure your thermostat is installed in a central location away from direct sunlight and vents.

Frozen Or Dirty Evaporator Coils

When covered in ice, evaporator coils cannot remove heat from your home, and your unit will shut off too quickly. Typically, the root cause is either a mechanical issue or lack of regular maintenance.

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TIP: Shut your system down and allow it to completely thaw. If the coils freeze again, contact us. Keep in mind regular maintenance is the best way to prevent frozen or dirty evaporator coils.

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One of  the best ways to prevent unnecessary issues-like short cycling-from arising is to have regular AC Maintenance performed on your AC system.

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