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Why Is My AC Turning On And Off (Part 2)

Why is my AC turning on and off (Part 2) continues our discussion on the red flags associated with what is called, “short cycling.”

Short Cycling At A Glance

If your AC seems to be turning on and off at irregular intervals, and your home is not staying cool, you may be experiencing short cycling.

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Therefore, you want to address this before it becomes a real issue that impacts your wallet with unplanned AC Repairs, a new AC unit, and higher utility bills. Today we explore a few more issues (Part 2 of 2) that could cause short cycling.

Oversized AC

An oversized system can cause several issues which can include mold and mildew. In addition, if you have recently installed a new AC system and it is frequently turning on and off, your AC may be too large. Unfortunately, the only solution is to replace the oversized unit with one better suited for your home.

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TIP: Contact the company that installed it to see if it is under warranty. Also – Prior to any installation, be sure the AC tech performs a Load Calculation to determine the appropriate size of your AC.

Low Refrigerant Levels Or Leaks

If the refrigerant is low in your AC, your unit will not be able to properly cool your home. Therefore, undue stress is placed on components, causing them to work harder. In turn, your AC system irregularly shuts on and off.

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TIP: Do not waste your money – call a professional AC tech to fix the leak. Furthermore, you should be wary of any tech willing to refill your refrigerant without repairing the leak first. There is no way for your system to be low on refrigerant unless there is a leak in the system.

Electrical Issues

Damaged or defective wiring and control boards can prevent your AC system from turning on and off at the right times.

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TIP: Turn off your unit. Do not attempt to fix this yourself. In fact, call us right away if you suspect an electrical issue.

One of the best ways to prevent unnecessary issues -like short cycling- from arising is to have regular AC Maintenance performed on your AC System.

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