Signs Your AC May Need Service

Proper air conditioning is crucial for your daily comfort in SW Florida.  A well-maintained AC unit can last up to 10 or 15 years. So, how do you know if your AC needs attention? Check out these 5 signs your AC may need service.

#1 – The Air Isn’t Coming Out Cold

Have you noticed you’ve been feeling uncomfortable inside your home?  When your AC unit is running and the air isn’t coming out nice and cold, chances are your AC is experiencing a mechanical issue, such as a bad compressor, refrigerant leak, or a damaged component.  If your AC breaker trips, it could be a sign of an underlying mechanical issue. No matter the cause, don’t ignore it thinking it will go away.  Contact our office to schedule an evaluation.

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#2 – One Room Seems Hotter Than The Others

Do some rooms or areas in your home seem warmer than the others?  These “hot spots” are a result of an imbalance in air flow, causing one room to be hotter than another.  This uneven distribution could be due to undersized or damaged air ducts. In many cases, a simple repair can do the trick.  If you are noticing this, it is best to have your air ducts checked to determine if they are the appropriate size or if another issue exists.

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#3 – My Electric Bill Is Higher Than Normal

Are you noticing your monthly electric bill is higher than normal?  This could be a result of inefficient or aging equipment, causing your AC system to work harder to get the job done. We can offer several tips to help you save money and frustration in the long run. Contact our office for assistance.

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#4 – My AC Is Making Strange Sounds

Have you noticed strange noises coming from your AC?  Some describe the sounds as grinding, squeaking or chattering.  Quality AC units operate at a noise level that is tolerable. If you are hearing any of these sounds, and your system is aging, your AC may need service.

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#5 – What Is That Smell?

Another sign your AC may need service is when you notice a strange smell. Your AC should be putting out clean, neutral-smelling air.  However, this isn’t always the case when a problem exists. We have heard AC unit smells described as smoky, moldy, or even dirty socks. No matter the smell, your AC should get immediate attention.

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On a similar note, when temperatures drop In SW Florida, it’s nice to know you can rely on your heater to warm things up. When you first turn it on, you may experience a burning smell.  Systems that have not been properly maintained can have a particle or dust build up on the heater coil. This smell is simply the build up burning off the coil, as it begins to heat up. Proper ongoing maintenance can cure this issue.

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In summary, when you notice any of these signs, your AC may need service. The key is not to ignore them, and have it evaluated to be certain. With a little TLC, you can avoid bigger issues down the road if you take time to perform proper maintenance today. This stands true for us, as well as investments we make in our homes.  If your system hasn’t received a tune-up in recent years, or is beginning to age, do yourself a favor and schedule an AC evaluation. Contact us, (239) 693-9005

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