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AC Checklist For Snowbirds

Welcome back Snowbirds!  Returning to your South Florida home during the fall and winter months means you get to enjoy cool breezes and less humidity while your northern friends are shoveling snow. Of course, there are many things you’ll need to do to get your home up and running for season.

AC Checklist For Snowbirds

We have prepared an AC Checklist for Snowbirds to help ensure your AC is running smoothly and efficiently. Keep in mind, even though you did not experience the heat and humidity of South Florida, your home did.

Checklist – AC Checklist for Snowbirds - Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

1. Change Your AC Filter Immediately

Change your filter immediately, and then once a month. Heat, humidity, along with the accumulation of dirt and debris can take a toll on your air filter. In addition, contaminants can grow and ultimately spread throughout your home.

Change your filter immediately - Sunset Air and Home Services - Fort Myers FL

When your filters are dirty and clogged, air flow is blocked and cannot move through your home effectively.  This typically results in higher energy bills since your system is forced to work harder.  It can also cause damage to your HVAC system.

2. Replace Old Batteries

Replace old batteries in the thermostat. Many homeowners are happy to find the only thing needed to get their AC running is a new battery.

Replace thermostat batteries– AC Checklist for Snowbirds - Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

3. Verify Your Outside Unit Is Clear

Verify your outside condenser unit is not blocked by shrubs, branches, leaves or debris.  Check the condenser fins (metallic blades) that surround the unit to be sure they are free from dirt and debris. These distractions can block the airflow, reducing the unit’s cooling capability.

AC condenser– Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

Ideally, shrubs and landscaping should be kept at least 2-3 feet away from the condenser.

4. Outside Drain Line Flow

Make sure the outside drain line is flowing freely and not blocked by mulch, dirt, or plants.

5. Call Sunset Air and Home Services for an HVAC tune up.  One of our expert technicians will conduct a 30 point tune up to ensure your system is all set.  Several maintenance plans are available to meet your needs and budget. Contact us, 239-693-9005

Still Experiencing Issues?

If your AC is still experiencing issues, here are a few more items to check:

Thermostat setting– AC Checklist for Snowbirds - Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

1. Verify your thermostat is set to “COOL” and your fan is set to “AUTO”.  Set the temperature a few degrees cooler than the current room temperature and wait 3-5 minutes to see if the unit comes back on.

2. Check your circuit breaker. Your air conditioner has two circuits: One for indoor components and one for outdoor; most homes have at least two corresponding circuits. Check the electrical panel box or the circuits labeled AHU (indoor) and AC (outdoor).  Reset by flipping each circuit off then on, one at a time.

Check fuse box - Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

3. Check all fuses and replace, if your home has a fuse box. If the power has been off for some time, it can take a few minutes before the air conditioner powers on.

4. Consider a SMART thermostat.  Thermostats today have an array of benefits including the ability to control your system from your phone when you’re away.  In addition, studies show you can save up to 10% a year by using a programmable thermostat.

Smart thermostat– AC Checklist for Snowbirds - Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

You can also adjust the temperature from your smart phone when your routine changes. To find the appropriate one for your home, contact one of our technicians for expert advice, 239-693-9005

Contact Sunset Air and Home Services

Contact Sunset Air and Home Services for an AC maintenance check. Whether you’re home or away, maintaining your HVAC equipment is key to avoiding bigger – and more expensive – problems down the road.

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Plus, it allows you to rest easy while you are up north, knowing your system is being maintained, and taken care of by a trustworthy and reputable AC company, like Sunset Air.
Learn more about our AC Maintenance Agreements or call us for advice:  239-693-9005


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