Ductless mini split AC (Part 2)

Ductless mini split AC (Part 2)

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Ductless mini split AC (Part 2)

It’s 95 degrees. The humidity level is nearing 90%. And, your To Do List this weekend is to finish that project in the garage. However, it’s just too hot to work outside, let alone the garage.  So, what options do you have to tackle that project and still remain cool?  One of your best solutions is to consider a ductless mini split AC.

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This cooling system will allow you to remain comfortable and cool so you can work or hang out in your garage anytime, for as long as you want.

Smarter than the average air conditioner.

A big plus for mini splits is the entire system runs on variable speed. In other words, the mini split doesn’t continuously run at full speed like traditional AC systems.  With state-of-the-art temperature control technology, it only runs as fast as it needs to keep any room at its set temperature. No more, no less. In addition, it continuously dehumidifies the space.

Some systems also come with an “intelligent eye,” which is a feature that detects inactivity in a room after a certain period. The system will then switch to a power-saving mode.  The bottom line?  You save money and consistently remain cool.

Welcome in any room.

Where do you need cooler air?  Perhaps it’s your sunroom…game room…or 2nd story master suite.  You can install mini split systems seamlessly in any part of your home, whether as a primary cooling solution or as a supplementary unit.  Operated with a remote control, you can easily customize the temperature in each room.

Ductless mini split AC (Part 2): Sleek and flexible.

Mini splits can be installed in a variety of ways so you control the look and design of your room.  For example, the units can be hung from the ceiling, installed on a wall, or mounted flush in a drop ceiling.  There are also several floor-standing options.  Moreover, most indoor units have profiles of about 7” deep and usually come with sleek, high-tech-looking jackets.

Bedroom ac – Ductless Mini Split AC (Part 2)- Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

Ductless mini split AC (Part 2): Breathe in healthier air.

It’s no surprise dirt, dust, and other debris can find their way into AC duct work. However, this is not the case with a mini split system. These systems use a specialized deodorizing air filter to help keep the air you breathe clean.  In fact, a mini split will remove bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants which can cause health and respiratory problems. They can also trap hair, dander, smoke, and other particulates. Therefore, you can relax knowing you are providing clean air for your loved ones.

Can you hear that?

Ductless mini split air conditioners are considered one of the most quiet AC solutions on the market. With whisper-like features, you hardly notice they are even running.  Consequently, your conversations become effortless.

Living room ac – Ductless Mini Split AC (Part 2)- Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

Ductless mini split AC (Part 2): Contact us for information.

This energy saving design will provide a comfortable environment in any room, save you money on your monthly energy bill, and give you a sense of pride knowing you are taking care of your family.

Sunset Air & Home Services has been helping homeowners just like you for over 20 years.  Our goal is to provide affordable solutions so you and your family remain cool and comfortable.

Is a mini split right for you?  Call us for expert advice, 239-693-9005.

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