Mini Split AC (Part 3/3)

Today we explore the Mini Split AC (Part 3/3).  As the baby boomer generation approaches retirement, many are renovating their homes to create space for elderly parents or extended family.

Mini Split in bedroom – Mini Split AC (Part 3)- Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

For example, a mother-in-law suite or an additional bedroom might be on the horizon.  Therefore, a Mini Split air conditioning system could be an ideal solution.

Neither Too Hot Nor Too Cold

Unlike central air, the Mini Split system can be used in 2 ways. This includes single-zone and multi-zone installation. If you are looking to cool one specific room, your most cost-effective option is a single-zone system. For example, if you have a room that tends to hold heat more than others (often referred to as a “hot spot”) this could be a great supplement to your central air system.

Mini Split on wall – Mini Split AC (Part 3)- Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

In contrast, a multi-zone system allows you to cool multiple rooms with one outdoor unit connecting to several indoor units.  As a result, this allows you to control the temperature in several different rooms of your home.  In addition, you can manage the units independently from the others, so the temperature is just right in each room. You control it how you want.

Conserve Energy And Save Money

Since Mini Splits do not require ducts, the energy loss is minimum compared to central AC systems.

In fact, the energy loss from a central AC often reaches nearly 30% of the system’s energy consumption.  This savings can result in more money in your wallet.

Keep Intruders At Bay

Another plus for these systems is they only require a small hole in the wall. In contrast, a window AC unit requires a larger area.

Black mini split in living room – Mini Split AC (Part 3)- Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

This larger area can provide an opportunity for not only intruders to make their way into your home, but also dust and pests. Since a Mini Split only requires a small opening to the outside, you’ll experience a more secure home.

Easy Maintenance

Like any air conditioner, a Mini Split system requires maintenance.

Cleaning Mini Split filter – Mini Split AC (Part 3)- Fort Myers - Sunset Air & Home Services

To save money, choose a model with reusable filters you can clean and return to the unit. In this way, you won’t need to purchase replacement filters.

Save Money Now

Mini Splits are specifically designed as high-performance and high-efficiency systems.  In fact, these advanced systems are built with many energy-saving components, features, and capabilities.

Depending on your situation, this may be an excellent alternative, or supplement, to your central air system.

200 Dollars Off Daikin or Mitsubishi Mini Split System Installation Coupon - Sunset Air and Home Services - Fort Myers Florida

In summary, Sunset Air & Home Services is now offering $200 off the installation of a new Mini Split system.

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