Improving Indoor Air Quality (Part 2)

In this post “Improving Indoor Air Quality – Part 2” we give you several more tips on improving the air in your home;

Install UV Lights

The use of UV lights can reduce or prevent microorganisms from circulating within the duct work of your home.


In addition, UV lights can give your system a serious boost, ensuring optimal airflow. It also alleviates unnecessary stress on your AC system.  You may want to consider this if family members have breathing issues such as asthma or C.O.P.D.

Ensure Proper Air Flow

Make sure the air vent registers in each room are open and not blocked by furniture.


Use ceiling fans to help circulate air. In addition, ensure your attic is properly ventilated to reduce moisture and improve air flow.

Allow Fresh Air In

Open doors and windows when weather permits to allow fresh air into the house.

Use Controlled Ventilation

When cooking, use exhaust fans in the kitchen to move potential air contaminants out. Also, turn on the exhaust fan in the bath when showering.


PRO TIP: Signs that indicate your home may not have enough ventilation include moisture condensation on windows or walls, smelly or stuffy air, and dirty AC equipment. To detect odors in your home, step outside for a few minutes, and then upon reentering, note whether odors are noticeable.

Measure Pollutant Levels

The EPA recommends you measure the level of radon in your home. Without measurements there is no way to tell whether radon is present because it is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas. Inexpensive devices are available for measuring radon.

Control The Source

Typically, the most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to eliminate the source(s) of pollution or reduce their emissions.


Increasing ventilation is also an option, however this can lead to higher energy costs.

Regular AC Unit Maintenance

Regular AC Unit Maintenance is the easiest way to keep your indoor air clean.  In fact, your air conditioner should be cleaned and maintained at least 2x a year.


Plus, it is important that it only be cleaned by a trained technician, like our experts at Sunset Air and Home Services.  AC components may need to be removed and then reassembled. Therefore, it is best to leave this process up to the those who are specifically trained in AC Maintenance.

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