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AC Maintenance Agreement (Part 2 of 3)

An AC maintenance agreement is similar to routine maintenance for your car. You have the oil changed regularly, filters replaced, and perform other tune-ups, to avoid bigger problems down the road and keep your engine running smoothly. The same holds true for your AC system.

Choose An AC Company You Can Trust

An AC maintenance agreement will allow you to rest easy whether you are home or away. Therefore, be sure you choose to work with a reputable AC company you can trust.  If you are away, you’ll want to be extra careful when choosing an AC company, since they may be entering your home when it’s vacant.

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Typically, several tiered agreements are available from which to choose, depending on your needs. Be sure to review the plans thoroughly, and ask questions to find out how they conduct business. For example: Do they provide a written analysis and a checklist?  Do they call prior to the day of service? Do they communicate any issues prior to repairing?  How long have they been in business?  The level of transparency a company displays is very important.

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Sunset Air & Home Services provides a 30-Point checklist for your unit.  Check it out here. Prior to making a decision, check online reviews, social media, and ask for referrals. These tips will help you choose the appropriate AC company and maintenance agreement, giving you peace of mind you are making a wise decision for your family’s future.

Proper AC Maintenance Keeps Your Family Safe

Did you know that your AC system can be a hazard to you and your family if it’s not properly maintained?  At first glance, you may not notice any issues with your air conditioning system.

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However, a professional technician that is knowledgeable and experienced will notice any potential issues quickly. The bottom line is when you invest in preventative AC maintenance, your equipment will be more dependable, and you’ll be providing a safer environment for you and your family.

Enjoy Exclusive Discounts

As a thank you, Sunset Air & Home Services offers 10% off parts and 10% off on all repairs, as part of their AC maintenance plan.  No strings attached.

Sunset Air & Home Services has been serving SW Florida for over 20 years. We appreciate this community and look forward to serving homeowners, just like you. The foundation of our culture is finding the right solution for our clients and never selling them something they don’t need.

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