The Truth Behind AC Warranties (Part 2)

The Truth Behind AC Warranties (Part 2)

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We continue revealing the truth behind AC warranties (Part 2) in this blog.  Therefore, today we explore how to add 5 years to your warranty at no cost, and 6 simple rules to keep your AC warranty from becoming void.

The Truth Behind AC Warranties (Part 2): What does it mean to register my AC unit?

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Registering your AC unit means submitting your model and serial number to the manufacturer to show proof of possession.  Furthermore, most require registration within 60-90 days. This simple step will add 5 years to your warranty for a total of 10 years on parts.

Most of the information can be found on the invoice. You can either complete the registration online or by calling the manufacturer. As a courtesy, Sunset Air will register your new AC unit, saving you time and allowing you to focus on other matters.

What should I do to keep my warranty from becoming void?

Yes, there are ways to void your warranty.  In fact, did you know your AC warranty can become void if you don’t perform regular maintenance on your system?  In addition, most warranties are only valid if the installed AC system remains in possession of the original owner.

Simple innocent mistakes can void your warranty.  Be mindful of these 6 simple rules:

  • Hire a certified licensed AC company to install the unit.
  • Retain the same AC company for repairs. Avoid the urge to ‘Do it yourself.’ Labor performed by anyone other than a certified AC company is not covered.
  • Purchase a Maintenance Plan from the same AC company from which you purchased the unit. Remember, you are developing a relationship with your AC company.  Therefore, choose them wisely.

  • Register the AC system and the warranty with the manufacturer in the required amount of time. In some cases, the AC company will do this for you. Count on Sunset Air and Home Services to go the extra mile and take care of this task on your behalf.
  • Use approved replacement parts.
  • Complete scheduled maintenance as recommended by your AC company. Certainly, do your best to keep all paperwork handy to provide proof, if needed.  Look to Sunset Air and Home Services to maintain your records for you.

TIP – Be sure to work with an AC company who welcomes questions and goes above and beyond on service.

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Sunset Air and Home Services has been serving SW Florida homeowners just like you, for over 20 years.  The foundation of our culture is finding the right solution for our clients and never selling them something they don’t need.   Contact Us for more information on warranties: 239-693-9005.

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