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The Truth Behind AC Warranties (Part 3)

Limited warranties, extended warranties, and maintenance plans are terms that can get tangled. Let’s take a look at these phrases and learn the truth behind AC warranties.

Do I Need An Extended AC Warranty?

Manufacturers and AC companies typically offer warranties that “extend” or add 5 to 10 years to parts only, labor only, or a combination of both.

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This is over and above the standard manufacturer’s warranty and will require an additional investment. An extended warranty protects you from unexpected repair costs down the road.  Sunset Air and Home Services offers the option to purchase extended warranties through a third party.

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Typically, our expert technicians will discuss this with you at installation. Since the life expectancy of AC units in Florida is approximately 10 years, we recommend this same time frame for an extended warranty. TIP: Be sure you get everything in writing and understand what is included.

Do AC Maintenance Plans replace AC Warranties?

Do AC Maintenance Plans replace AC Warranties? The short answer is no. Your warranty typically doesn’t cover repairs if you have neglected maintenance.  Therefore, without an AC maintenance agreement, your warranty can become void.

Keep in mind these are two separate agreements.  To clarify, let’s define them to better understand the difference.

AC Warranties

A warranty is a legal document explaining exactly what is covered and not covered. It also explains how to ensure the enforcement of your warranty. And, it protects you from paying the full cost of repairs when defective parts must be replaced during the warranty term.

AC Maintenance Agreements

Also a contract, the sole purpose of your Maintenance Agreement is to prevent problems from occurring in the future.  With regular checkups from a certified technician, your system should run smoothly and efficiently.  However, there is always a possibility a part will fail.

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It is important to note a Maintenance Agreement does not cover any parts or labor and does not take the place of your Warranty. Your AC equipment typically runs endlessly in SW Florida. Therefore, we recommend maintenance on your equipment twice a year.

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This will help you avoid future issues. For example, a certified technician may catch a small issue before it grows into something more significant.  Certainly, this will help you avoid a system failure.

AC Equipment Warranties And Free Work

Many consumers think if their AC Units are under warranty, all work is free.  However, this is not true.  Furthermore, even if equipment can be replaced under warranty, a Limited Warranty only covers the cost of parts. It does not cover the cost of other materials and labor which can affect your pocketbook.

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Sunset Air and Home Services is happy to discuss warranty options with you. Above all, we want to help you be a better informed consumer. The foundation of our culture is finding the right solution for our clients and never selling them something they don’t need.

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