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Tips On Choosing An AC Company

Today we explore tips on choosing an AC company.  Your AC unit is an investment that requires regular attention. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, choosing the right AC repair company becomes an abrupt decision when their equipment suddenly breaks down.

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Therefore, we want to help ensure you pick a quality company so you can avoid unnecessary stress and have peace of mind knowing you have made a good decision for your family. To help you be proactive in choosing the right AC company, take time to review this list of helpful tips.

Is the AC Company Licensed And Insured?

This is a priority. Ask to see proof before any work has begun. Unfortunately, there are many handymen working on AC equipment without the proper coverage.

Check Online Reviews

Read both the positive and negative to get a feel for the way the company handles issues.

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In fact, you can click the “Reviewbuzz” logo above to read more about Sunset Air and Home Services.

Up To Date On Latest Technology

Staying up to date on the latest technology and AC Industry developments is critical for an AC Company’s customer satisfaction.

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AC Companies such as Sunset Air and Home Services conduct ongoing training for their technicians and staff. This ensures they are efficient and offering clients the best possible solution for any situation.

Participates In Formal AC Training

AC technicians usually attend a 2-year educational program, followed by on the job training as an apprentice.  Be sure to ask about the technician’s professional background.

Actively Listens

Your AC technician is like a trusted friend.

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For example, they should listen attentively, and then step by step, work to diagnose any problem areas.

Explains All The Paperwork

If you have questions regarding your Maintenance plan contract or any other paperwork, ask for clarification. The technician should take their time and be happy to explain any agreement thoroughly.

Obtains A Permit For A New AC Installation

Any AC Installation always requires the purchase of a permit from the local municipality.

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This task should always be completed by your AC company.

Informs You Of Needed AC Maintenance

Our technicians are trained to be your trusted advisor. Count on them to take the time to educate you on how to maintain your investment. This will help you avoid issues down the road.

Performs A Load Calculation For New AC

A professional technician will ensure you are receiving the correct AC unit for your home.

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Does Not Up-sell

Be wary of salespeople who will try to up-sell you or work solely on commission.

Consistently On Time

All AC Technicians should consistently arrive on time and calls before they arrive.

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This is a key factor in earning trust from a potential client.

Offers 24-Hour Service

If your air conditioner fails in the middle of the night, is your AC company available?  Sunset Air and Home Services is available 24 hours a day.

Live Assistance

The degree of customer service you experience when calling any company is the first determinant in how you will feel about working with them on a long-term basis. For example, we only have real people, located here in America, answering the phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Furthermore, our fleet of expert air conditioning technicians are notified, in real time, through our state of the art dispatching system.

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Sunset Air and Home Services has been serving SW Florida residents just like you, for over 20 years.  We take pride in ensuring our customers are treated with the utmost respect and understand the services performed.

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Therefore, when you need AC repair or a new AC unit, call us first, 239-693-9005

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