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When To Use A Ductless Mini Split

When to use a Ductless Mini Split cites examples with South Floridians in mind. Mini splits are ideal for room additions, sunrooms, garages, and older homes not conducive to ductwork.

What Is A Ductless Mini Split?

Simply stated, a ductless AC system, a.k.a. a mini split system, requires no ductwork.  Other benefits include minimal installation, quiet operation, humidity control, and simple maintenance.

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An easy and versatile way to cool individual rooms, mini splits are flexible enough to work wherever you need them. Want a cool bedroom but a warmer home office? Just adjust the temperature to your liking.

No Existing Duct Work

Many older homes in Florida were not built with duct work initially or cannot accommodate newer duct work that is necessary with modern HVAC systems. The solution? A ductless mini split system.

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This option allows you to preserve the integrity of your home’s architecture without having to carve out space for ducts and vents. Moreover, wall units or under ceiling units can be installed directly to existing surfaces, eliminating the need to patch, plaster or paint. As an alternative, console floor units can be installed into the wall itself without disrupting the formal décor of your space.

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Installing a standard duct system can be very expensive.  Therefore, a ductless mini split is a wise choice since it eliminates the additional resources needed for a standard installation, and yet provides highly efficient heating and cooling.

Renovations And Add-Ons

With the baby boomer population nearing retirement age, many will consider remodeling their home to allow aging parents, or their children, adequate space to move in. Plus, with our new normal, many households are working or attending online classes from home now. In fact, some homeowners are converting their sun-room into an air-conditioned living area to accommodate the need for additional workspace.

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Everyone is hungry for their own space. If remodeling is in your future, the mini split will allow every family member to adjust the temperature how they want in their own area. The result?  One big happy family!

In another case, when family and friends visit during the winter you may find it’s time to move forward with that new guest room or mother-in-law suite add-on.  In this instance, the mini split is an economical choice to consider.

Supplementing Your Central AC

Some floor plans simply do not interact well with their current central air-conditioning system, which can result in poorly cooled rooms or “hot spots”.

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For example, if you have a master suite or game room located in a “hot spot” area, you may want to consider a mini split.

Since Floridians do not have basements, many take to their garage for home projects.  A mini split system allows you to work to your heart’s desire in conditioned air, even when it’s 90° outside.

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In summary, installing a ductless mini-split system can be the right solution depending on your needs.

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